Terms and Conditions on the day of the Campus Activity:

  • The Campus must ensure that if S&P Global Market Intelligence is conducting their recruitment process on-Campus, no other company should be conducting a parallel process on the same day
  • The details of the students as per the Applicant Data Sheet should be sent to S&P Global Market Intelligence at least 2 working days prior to the date of the Campus Activity
  • We strictly follow a one-offer policy. It is the onus of the Campus/ Campus coordinator to take care that the students appearing for the recruitment process of S&P Global Market Intelligence have not accepted any offer(s) from any other company. If incase we discover that a student who has appeared for our process has another offer in hand, that would lead to blacklisting of the institute in the future. The case of Dream Company status will have to be discussed prior to the scheduling of the campus process.
  • During the process all interview schedules and results will be conveyed to the Campus Coordinator only over email, and would expect an acknowledgement. Incase no acknowledgement is received from the campus, the process for the applicants from the same would be put on-hold and further pursued only at the discretion of S&P Global Market Intelligence.
  • Sharing of direct contact numbers of the personnel from the S&P Global Market Intelligence's Talent Acquisition Team with the students from the campus is strictly prohibited. Only the Campus/Placement Coordinator will be considered to be the Point of Contact for the process.
  • The candidate would be considered for a Date of Joining post the completion of final examinations and formalities from the University/College. However, there can be exceptions at our discretion.


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