Job Description:

Role Title: Front End Software Engineer-I

Role Summary/Purpose

Billions of transactions—and you’ll touch all of them if you join our IT team as a Front-End Engineer. Imagine the sheer scale of what we impact every second of every day. Now imagine what you can do with that influence—this is where you can shape the future of payments.

As a Front-End Engineer, you’ll work hand in hand with our User Experience team to create eye popping, user-friendly, super intuitive online applications. You’ll participate in hack-a-thons, partner with universities on innovation events, work with our famed Stamford Innovation Station—you’ll bring us ideas about how to do things differently. You’ll be defining what Software Engineering means here—and how it can affect the entire industry.

It’s the ideal time to come aboard—we’re focused on the future, continuing to evolve as a company and help define the financial technology industry. With so much opportunity available, this is where you can make your mark.


You’re the one we’re looking for if you:
  • Are you passionate about creating amazing online applications that can empower a Fortune 200
  • Have common sense—can you think through your designs to make sure they’re the best?
  • Are a coder who’s also a problem solver, capable of creating elegant, testable code that’s robust
    and scalable
  • Are ready to be disruptive and interesting in the commerce space
  • Can work with product, marketing, and project management as one agile team
  • Are ready to own your own career and destiny
  • Value results
  • Have tech chops: React single page web app development background is a must


Essential Responsibilities:
  • Build amazing web applications using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JS and more
  • Work with a cross-shore development team
  • Influence and collaborate to create an amazing online experience
  • Participate in agile sprints with cross-functional teams including planning, daily standups, backlog grooming sessions and reviews
  • Analyze production defects, troubleshoot systems, identify root cause, and implement fixes
  • Work with third party vendors to develop software and/or integrate their software into our products
  • Perform other duties and/or special projects as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related degree OR, in lieu of degree, High School Diploma/GED 2 years of professional web application development experience


Desired Characteristics:
  • Experience building responsive web applications using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript
  • Experience working on an agile development team
  • Experience with building React component libraries and dependency management tools like NPM
  • Experience with continuous integration environments like Jenkins
  • Experience building and deploying applications
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks, UI test cases in a Test-driven development (TDD) environment
  • Working knowledge of implementing Accessibility (ADA) and Analytics requirements

About Us

We exist to inspire and support every possibility for our customers, our partners and especially our people. We’re changing what’s possible by empowering people to fulfill their ambitions. All our offerings are developed with relationships in mind. Whether the relationship is with our customers, partners, or employees, we believe that our foundation in the power in people is the right formula that differentiates us and makes us truly unique in the industry.


  • 90 years of history, built one customer at a time
  • More than $139 billion in sales financed and 68.5 million active accounts.
  • Over 18,000 employees - each integral to our business


We believe in the power of relationships. We’re colleagues, teammates and partners that share common values and a core commitment to doing the right thing. When you join us, whether you work in an office or from your home, you’ll experience support and encouragement at all levels of the organization. We’re invested in the success of our people and committed to caring for our employees as well as their families. From providing flexibility to help you meet the needs of work and life, or training and development to further your career to creating various programs that support working parents or mental health resources and well-being medical benefits, we’ll support you when it’s needed most.

Our culture is represented in our mission, vision and values, which are woven through everything we do, every single day. Sure, we come to work to pursue our careers and make money—but we also strive to make a difference.

  • Our vision is to build a future where every ambition is within reach.
  • Our mission is to create financial and technology solutions to move our customers and partners forward.
  • Our values define our culture and differentiate us from other companies. These core beliefs shape us, inspire and unite us.
    • Honest: It’s our policy
    • Passionate: Our fuel for greatness
    • Caring: We believe people matter
    • Responsible: We know what’s at stake
    • Bold: It’s time to make a difference
    • Driven: We’re all in and we deliver



Synchrony International Services Pvt Ltd., the Indian affiliate of Synchrony, has been in Hyderabad, India, for more than 20 years. Located in Knowledge City, our core operations in Hyderabad include Technology and Operations, Finance, Credit, Risk, Marketing and Analytics. Synchrony encourages professional growth through empowerment and innovation at Hyderabad Hub. The company offers a vast array of employee wellness amenities at office including a gym, spa, multicuisine cafeterias, laptop treadmills and themed breakout zones on each floor.

We have been ranked #5 among India’s Best Companies to Work For, Top 10 among India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Top 50 among India’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2021. We recently received Top 30 BFSI recognition from Great Place to Work India.

At Synchrony, our aim has always been to create a workplace and culture where people’s differences are not only accepted but valued. A culture where everybody can be their 100% authentic self. Together, we will continue our journey to drive equity for our employees, their families, and the communities we serve. We are proud to share that we celebrate over 47% women diversity, have over 100 specially abled employees supporting business in India. We are enhancing our efforts towards diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all including those from LGBT+ and Veteran’s communities to become an even safer and better workplace for all.

At Synchrony, the flexibility and safety of our employees and their loved ones remains a priority. We are excited to share that our Hyderabad Knowledge City office is currently operational 24x7 as an Open Hub for all our employees.

We are focused on giving our employees the opportunity to experience the Synchrony culture and bringing back the in-person connections so many of us have been missing whilst staying committed to their flexibility and safety. For fully vaccinated employees willing to work out of Hyderabad office on select days, we are pleased to welcome them to experience the Hub and engage with colleagues through curated in-person © 2 0 2 1 S Y N C H R O N Y B A N K . C O N F I D E N T I A L A N D P R O P R I E T A R Y . N O R E U S E W I T H O U T P R I O R W R I T T E N C O N S E N T engagement activities. This re-opening is an evolution of our new way of working and will continue to be based on safety, flexibility, and choice.


From co-branded credit cards with major retailers, to financing solutions that meet your whole family’s healthcare needs, to High Yield Savings Accounts, our products revolutionize how consumers shop and engage. We offer deep industry knowledge, deliver innovative solutions, and differentiated digital experiences to help improve the success of our partners and cardholder.

  • Digital: Comprehensive payments and financing solutions for our partners and customers through fully integrated digital products and experiences.
  • Health & Wellness: Through a wide network of partners and providers, we offer the healthcare financing solutions to help customers find the care they need for their family and pets, when they need it.
  • Home & Auto: Helping customers manage, maintain and improve their homes and autos through Synchrony Car Care, Synchrony Home and a broad network of more than one million merchants.
  • Diversified & Value: In partnership with national or regional retailers, we seamlessly integrate the customer experience across in-store and digital purchases for their everyday needs or discretionary purchases.
  • Lifestyle: We provide more buying power for major consumer purchases in lifestyle merchandise such as sporting goods, powersports, clothing, jewelry and music.

A huge component of our innovation success is driven by our Innovation Stations: talented, cross-functional teams focused on emerging technology, ideation and agile development of new products. Our rapid-prototyping sessions and other engagements develop new solutions for our partners and customers.

  • Stamford, CT: leading development of mobile payments, wallets, user designs, and banking.
  • Kettering, OH: building and optimizing B2B and B2C digital platforms to create stronger customer engagement for our partners.
  • Hyderabad, IN: building next-generation, customer servicing capabilities.
  • Chicago, IL: expanding our analytics capabilities, delivering actionable insights.

The Empowerment Station is a cross-functional team of associate employees. This is a rotational role available to employees in order to expand critical experiences on problem solving, innovation, project management and leadership engagement. © 2 0 2 1 S Y N C H R O N Y B A N K . C O N F I D E N T I A L A N D P R O P R I E T A R Y . N O R E U S E W I T H O U T P R I O R W R I T T E N C O N S E N T We’re an agile company optimizing technology and proven processes to create a structure that works for everyone. Committed to driving operational excellence and efficiency, we’re focused on continued growth to deliver products and capabilities to market faster. Synchrony is changing what's possible through our digital capabilities, deep industry expertise, actionable data insights, frictionless customer experience and customized financing solutions. Our executive teams’ commitment can be felt throughout every level of the business. Through transparent communication, benefit offerings, community engagement and organizational alignment— we know our people are our greatest asset and we’re building a place for everyone to reach their full potential.


DEI Initiatives

At Synchrony, we celebrate the diversity of our people, skills, and ideas. Our Diversity Networks+, Corporate Citizenship, and other teams have been working to drive change in support of true diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all. While we continued to navigate the pandemic’s challenges together, we believe our ongoing conversations, roundtables and other channels of communication with our women employees helped us understand their unique personal experiences and perspectives that impact their everyday life. This includes providing flexibility to help them balance work and life, obtain training and development to further their career, and create various programs that support new mothers. We have also proactively supported the total wellbeing of our women employees through programs and webinars focused on fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, fertility, financial wellbeing, embracing change with resilience, parenting support and children’s activities, reimbursements, and more.

We aim to provide our women employees with the tools, technology and expertise to explore possibilities and help us create a future where every ambition is within reach.

We are proud that we currently have 47 percent women diversity among Synchrony employees in India. We aspire to be a gender equal organization by bringing in more women employees at the workplace and continue to drive a culture where women have an equal opportunity to grow and develop their careers.

We remain focused on increasing women representation through our hiring and recruitment.  We hire the best talent for each role from a comprehensive and diverse slate, by leveraging various job boards and networking groups. We also partner with hiring vendors and conduct exclusive recruitment drives for women including a Restart Program for women returning to the workforce after a career break.

Synchrony maintains a diverse interview panel wherever possible, to showcase its strong focus on diversity right from the first interaction. The hiring team communicates information about the organization’s culture, employee centric benefits and internal growth prospects to all prospective candidates.

To attract and retain women talent in niche skill roles across Technology, Analytics, Credit, Risk, Marketing, Finance, and enabling functions, Synchrony also announced an option to work from home full time. This is an industry-leading practice with Synchrony announcing early on during the pandemic its commitment to employee flexibility through an ongoing work from home option for these jobs.
Women’s Network+ is an internal Synchrony diversity network created to accelerate the advancement of women working at Synchrony by sharing information, best practices, education, and successful role model experiences.

We have been introducing and updating our features to support our women employees as they transition to the important role of a mother. Our maternity coverage, maternity leave, insurance towards infertility treatment, breast pump reimbursement, day care are few of such programs.