Zensar Software Engineer Placement Experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Team Jul 26, 2018

Company: Zensar Technology
Profile:  Software Engineer
Salary: Not disclosed
Place: Daniel Associate
Number of Rounds: 3 to 4
Result: Not selected

Zensar Technology conducted placement interview at the venue decided by Daniel Associate. The selection process had multiple rounds. Candidates were supposed to clear every round to qualify for the subsequent one. Criteria to apply for this placement drive was stringent. Zensar necessitated a 60% aggregate percentage in 10th and 12th standard examinations and also no backlogs during B. Tech. As a result, only 500 of us were able to meet the criteria and out of 500 candidates only 23 received placement offers.

Application process

I applied for the placement drive through my college. As I mentioned earlier, close to 500 students attended this off-campus recruitment opportunity by Zensar Technology. Before the interview rounds started, we were given a preplacement talk. It was more of a counselling session wherein all the participants of the campus recruitment drive were briefed about Zensar Technology, the process of placement, and also about tentative pay.

Interview rounds

All of us faced multiple rounds on the Zensar off-campus placement day. The main round was the very first one, which was the written round. Though it was the longest and toughest, I was able to clear the same successfully.

Written aptitude cum technical round – Written round was conducted after an hour of registration. We were made to sit in a huge auditorium with neat rows of single chairs and desks. This round lasted for about 50 minutes and we were not allowed to talk or cheat under any circumstances. Those who tried to discuss, were disqualified on the spot immediately.

In this round, we had to answer quantitative aptitude questions, scenario-based code puzzles to test computer science basics, reasoning questions etc. I found the paper to be slightly tough probably because I wasn’t confident about my preparation. Those who cleared this round qualified for the technical interview round.

A rough breakup of questions (and time) of the written technical round is given below:

Time allotted Questions Topics
Aptitude 25 25 Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentages, probability, time, speed & distance, profit or loss, data arrangements and interpretation, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, Linear Arrangement, Odd Man Out
Technical 15 15 Basic programming and engineering concepts
Programming 20 2 C, C++, JAVA
Total 55 42

Technical interview round
This round lasted for about 20 minutes. Two questions I was asked were as follows:

-Tell me something about your project in the final semester
-What is the logic to swap two numbers in an array?

HR interview round
This round lasted for about 45 minutes.

In the morning, some of the candidates were made to undergo a group discussion round. But I was not made to attend one and got to go to the HR interview round directly.

Quick tips about the interview rounds

Prepare well:

Don’t prepare from only one aptitude book. Try to diversify your preparation by referring at least 4 to 8 different varieties of books. Check out CAT and SSB aptitude questions to ensure that your preparation is 100% complete.
Some books from which you can practice problems include R. S. Aggarwal, Pearson Publications, R. V. Praveen, Sarvesh K. Verma, Disha Experts, N. K. Singh etc.

Research about company:

Also, before your Zensar placement interview, ensure that you do some research about the company. For instance, Zensar Technologies is an Indian IT technology company which provides services pertaining to IT and infrastructure. Zensar employs close to 8000 people across its global offices and has a net revenue of 460 million USD.

Ex: Zensar’s headquarters are located in Pune and it operates out of corporate offices spread through 29 global locations. Their services are:

>> Mobility Solutions
>> Customer Relationship Management Solutions
>> Business Intelligence Solutions
>> Testing and Assurance Solutions
>> Digital Enterprise Services
>> Business Process Management Services
>> Business Application Services
>> Enterprise Solutions

The interview rounds are conducted to test your presence of mind, communications skills logical abilities and confidence. So be brave without worrying about the interviewer’s opinion.
The technical interview questions focus on your skills and niche areas of focus. Those with a computer science background will face slightly more technical questions from topics like Oracle, Oracle EBS, Oracle agile PLM, Agile administration, and architecture.

Introduce yourself

This question was my opportunity to set the tone during the job interview. I tried to emphasize as much as possible on the points that I wanted the interviewer to see in me as a potential employee. I answered like this, “I am an Engineer by qualification and also the topper of my class. My first internship was of a back-office executive at a charted accountancy firm near my college. Honestly, I learned a lot during that internship stint. I picked up several skills such as the usage of excel sheets, client handling and business communication. Till that time, I was not sure about my career path until only recently, when I realized that software engineering is my forte. Today I am an avid programmer and would love to join an IT firm as a developer.”

Why do you want this job?

I answered like this, “I am in love with development. I enjoy building apps. Besides, I feel I am all set to face challenging assignments and watch my work go live in a production environment.”

How do you swap two numbers?

I answered like this, “You can swap two numbers with or without the use of a temporary variable. Basically, the idea is to add the two given numbers, and store it in any one variable subtract the other number from sum.”

My learnings from this Wipro placement interview experience

Speak in chaste English with confidence. Avoid slang or fillers in Hindi or in any other language. Carry yourself with grace and poise. Don’t forget to greet your interviewer and try to smile while greeting them.
When you arrive at the interview venue, come in proper formals and if possible put on brand new formal black shoes.

All the best!


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