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You’re Fired!! How to Deal With it as a Fresher?

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As a school kid, you must have had that fear of getting expelled from school over the pettiest things like fighting with your classmates, not completing your homework, flunking in exams and what not.

Now that you’re working, is the situation any different?

Of course, you’ve grown up, made yourself self-sustainable, made a name and fortune for yourself, but is that fear still persistently bothering you?

The only difference between now and then is that now you don’t have elders to watch your back, in case you get into trouble. You work hard and achieve targets. This is usually followed by getting new targets and working hard again. It might seem like a loop, but this is how things happen in the corporate world today.

But, what if the management decides to fire you from the job may be due to a layoff, downsizing, or any performance related issue? You certainly need to prepare for this situation when your job is on the line.

How will you handle it?

The discussion below will guide you through some basic yet significant steps to be kept in mind when getting fired.

  • Know what went wrong: Instead of just walking out of the door, there are things you should know before moving on. Ask your employer about facts, things that went wrong, whether or not you can resign, your eligibility for pay entitlements and the possible improvements you can make to avoid such mistakes in the future.


  •  Check for Legitimacy: Before you start your job search, consider where you stand, from a legal point of view. Was the decision legitimate or could it be considered as an illegitimate termination? Are you fit to apply for unemployment benefits offered by your organization?


  • Take some time to absorb it: You don’t need to blame or torment yourself unnecessarily. In the highly competitive job market today, anybody can get fired, even those with high end job profiles. There are numerous ways to address the issue and feel neutral about it, if not positive.


  •  Rebuild you Resume and Cover letters: This is the first step towards re-launching your career and giving it a new start. Build your Resume without mentioning the fact that you were fired. In your cover letter, focusing on the basics, address the job profile you’re applying for and how you deem fit for it. There is absolutely no need to bring up the circumstances of you getting fired in the past, until asked for. Take Firstnaukri resume builder online tool to create a winning CV.


  • Start applying: You might be low on enthusiasm after all that you’ve endured, but it’s time to apply for jobs again. When filling out job applications, keep a positive approach in your head. Avoid misleading the employer by lying. You can always use terms like ‘job ended’ or ‘terminated’, in case you need to mention the details of the last job.


In case you are asked about the reason for getting fired in the last job, answer honestly. Do not contradict yourself by weaving stories. Trying to transform it into a positive experience by telling the interviewer about the things you learned from your mistakes, might just put the ball in your court.

Moreover, whatever may happen, keep in mind not to speak ill of your former boss, because that is a thing no hiring manager would appreciate or find acceptable.

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  • Move on towards a brighter future: Repenting and regretting to a certain extent might help, but sitting in a corner with all the mistakes you committed in the past won’t get you anywhere in life. Get over getting fired and move on. You need to convince employers that in spite of what happened in your last job, you’re a strong candidate for the position and will do justice to it. Focusing on skills and experience rather than the firing, might help you sell yourself to the employer with ease.

The points mentioned above will definitely prove useful in rebuilding your professional life. But, the most important thing that you need to understand is that there are no good or bad experiences. Everything that happens comes with a new lesson learnt. Cribbing and complaining won’t make you go places, but accepting your mistakes and bouncing back in the game will. So, stay motivated and high on self-belief.

All the best.


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