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Work on your career goals and create a strategy

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What are career goals? You can defined them as the milestones that you plan to achieve in your professional journey. It is highly significant to have a list of career goals ready before you start out. By now, you must either be preparing for your job interviews or are already working somewhere. Whatever be the situation, it is never too late to list down your career goals and work towards achieving them. This will help you come up with a robust career strategy which will be highly useful in the longer run.

With this article, Firstnaukri offers you some quick tips to how you should plan your career strategy and succeed.

  1. Evaluate your job profile

Read your job profile or resume again. Revise it for kinds of the jobs you would like to join and that suit your skillset.  Don’t use the same profile for all your job applications. Remember, one approach does not fit all. Hence, adapt a flexible approach. Read the given job description thoroughly and look out for the keywords that match your skill sets and are apt to add to your job profile. Update your resume timely.

  • Evaluate your strengths

List out your abilities that you have or have worked on during academic years. This should include both hard skills (Marketing, Sales, Software or IT skills) as well as soft skills (communication, teamwork, team management, collaboration, inter-personal skills, etc.) You must highlight all of them in your resume as they are counted as key skills in a professional environment. They are important for individual role as well as when performing in a group. Only listing the skills will not help.

  • Work on long term goals

As a fresher, you have just begun your career and have a long way to go. Keep this in mind and draft your career objective or executive summary accordingly. Understand your current skills, think about the new skills that you should learn. Don’t simply follow your friends or colleagues and invest money or time without giving it a thought. Upskill and reskill, considering your overall career path in mind. Take up something that assures a promising career path.

  • Get guidance

Mentors are key to raising the performance bar. What can be better than having your career nurtured by the person who has been in the same role, and has the added advantage of experience? While it makes sense to look for a mentor in the person who holds the position you aspire to be in, age and experience should not define your next mentor. One of your youngest team members could be the best person to learn a new technical skill from.

  • Look out for a mentor.

Connect with professionals. You may get in touch with a senior at your college or an alumni who has the experience and can help you get on your career path. Mentors have the experiences to share and you can avoid making the same mistakes that most beginners make.

Remember, a successful career come by a lot of timely planning, hard work, and strategising. There is not short cuts to success. So, start working on your career strategy today and go a long way.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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