Wipro System Engineer Placement Experience

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Company: Wipro
Profile: System Engineer
Salary: 3.3 Lakhs Per Annum
Place: GLA University, Mathura
Number of Rounds: 4
Result: Selected

Application process

Wipro conducted an on-campus pooled placement session for the 2018 batch in our college itself GLA University, Mathura.

Interview Rounds

I had to undergo 4 rounds namely the aptitude test, technical test, technical interview round and HR round.
In the aptitude test, we had the following 3 sections.

>> Verbal English – There were 20 questions in this section which I was able to finish is 15 minutes.
>> Quantitative questions – There were about 15 to 16 questions in this section and I took a minute to complete each question. So, I was done with this section in under 16 mins.
>> Logical Reasoning – This section also had about 14 to 15 questions. As I did earlier also, I tried to finish every question in under a minute so I took about 14 minutes to finish the complete test.

Tips for the Technical rounds

My technical round was not that easy as topics covered were stressed on my computer science engineering knowledge.

Thankfully I am a B. Tech in Computer Science itself, hence I was able to solve my problems easily.

I am not sure how my non-computer batchmates performed though. Questions were asked from the following sections in the written technical round.

>> Relational database management system or RDBMS: Basic concepts were tested pertaining to inheritance and hierarchy.
>> Data structures: If you are goos at dataorganization and storage formats, you can answer these questions.
>> My college projects: My final semester project was a major topic of discussion in the technical interview round. SO be thorough about your project work and concepts you used.
>> Skills that I mentioned on my resume: I had thankfully not written much so they did not get any change to grill me!
>> Basics about dead locks: It is a situation when two or more threads are blocked forever. They tested if I had handled it before and knew a little about it.
>> Basic questions on semaphores: It is an OS concept and thankfully I remembered the basic definition at the right moment!
>> Other operating systems concepts: They covered topics like process management, concurrency, threads, kernels, scheduling etc.

Similarly, in my technical interview, I was asked questions along the lines of the above topics. The interviewer also asked me about my interests apart from studying and programming.

Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them

>> Introduce yourself. Also tell me about your hobbies, if any.

I answered like this, “My name is Tania Jamaal, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am an ardent reader. Also, I am a passionate painter, not a great or famous one though!”

>> What are your salary expectations?

My response was, “My salary expectations are completely negotiable based upon the position you are offering me. I am sure the figure is at par with relevant industry standards. Hopefully the overall total compensation package is fixed and has certain benefits covered.”

>> Are you ok with rotational shifts?

My response was, “I am ok to do morning, afternoon and evening shifts. But I am not comfortable with night shifts.”

>> Are you ready to relocate to another city?

My answer was, “I believe that this job position and company’s brand name are reason enough for me, as well as anybody else to readily relocate. I am definitely willing to relocate to another city, provided it is a big city and not a suburban town too far away from my native place.”

>> My learnings from this Wipro placement interview experience

This placement experience gave me and my friends a whole lot of exposure. We also got a sneak-peek into the corporate world. Some of my friends could not clear their final interview round with the HR and I was unhappy about this. Fortunately, I made it through which means I can share some valuable tips from my experience with you. My tips and advice are as follows:

>> For the written aptitude and/or technical test, try and prepare well in advance. Practice problems from 4 and 8 scholarship books. These concepts are simple and easy to pick up.
>> Please arrive at the venue of your placement drive or interview on time.
>> Both ladies and gentlemen should wear proper formals. Men can wear a clean and ironed, light colored short and ironed black/brown trousers, and so can the ladies. If possible, wear new black or dark brown formal shoes. Avoid sneakers and slippers please.
>> Carry all your original documents as well as 3-4 sets of neatly stapled photo copies. Carry a stapler, pen, pencil, eraser, and gum stick in your document folder.
>> Don’t forget to carry passport sized photographs.
>> Body language wise, remember to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Sit up straight and avoid too many hand gestures because it will portray smartness and self-confidence.
>> Carry multiple copies of your resume. Ensure that the matter in the resume is crisp and formatted properly. After all, your resume is a window of your skills and expertise. Don’t include anything that you are not clear with.
>> Try to be as truthful, honest and humble as possible. Ensure that your humanity should not be mistaken as quietness.

In the final year of engineering, many placement interview related questions will crowd your mind. Hope my points are of use to you. All the best!

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