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Name: Richa Srivastava

Company That You Interviewed For: Wipro

Role That You Interviewed For: Software Developer

 Pre-Process Requirements (Write Yes/No)

Resume: Yes  

Application Form:Yes

Group Discussion: No

Written Test: Yes

Please Mention If There Were Any Other Requirements For The Process.        

Technical Round: Yes


Please mention your remarks on the application form. (questions, qualification details)

Qualification required was 10th, 12th should be  50% and current degree should have the approximation of 60% with no back logs.

And the questions were basic one such as name,address and mention your weakness and strength(note: do mention the same weakness and strength which you have mentioned in the resume)

Please mention your remarks on the group discussion process.  (topic, duration, no. Of members)

No group discussion is held but there is technical round in which basics on c,c++,java  was been asked.

 Please mention your remarks on the written test process.

There were 50 questions needed to be answered in 40 mins.the section consisted of reasoning, aptitude,technical question and English section.talking about the technical and English part they were easy but the tufest one was aptitude so we focused more on aptitude. One thing which was good was that there were no negative marks.

What went right for you at different stages of the process?

I was very tensed as well as enthusiastic as it was my first interview and that to Wipro is my dream company so any how i had to give my 100 percent.

  1. Initially we all were divided in the group of 30 and sent to different room for the  written test.there were 4 set of questions.when i received the question paper i first jumped to technical part answered every question but after that i don’t know what happened i was finding very difficulty in solving even the English questions.i got really tensed up and time was also running but then i closed my eyes asked god for help and just started solving question,i even marked few answers by guessing and when the result of written exam was announced then i did not had controlled over my tears and at that   moment of time i felt a great energy, confidence  and i realized that now i will certainly crack the job.
  2. Then i was called for the technical round i went inside the cabin,there were   2  people  sitting and they asked me to sit down i greeted them said them thank you and took my seat.they first asked me to give a short introduction of mine and asked what were the subjects i have studied in my last semester.i was unable to recall all but i  gave the answer and to my surprising they began asking question from all the subjects i had said.i also managed to gave  almost every answer correct except questions asked in UNIX and theory of computation.when they asked question on UNIX and theory of computation i simply smiled and politely said sorry sir as i have studied this subject in my 2nd Sem so right now i cannot recall it but if given an opportunity i will certainly answer you next time.

One thing which i noticed was that whatever they asked from me all were basic questions which only needed little common sense. They asked questions such as:

  1. What is the difference between c and c++ and java.
  2. What are the different cycles in software engineering process.different stages?
  3. What is ERP and e-commerce?
  4. Stack most current implementation?
  5. Syntax of exception handling and thread in java?


Then i was given i pink paper which was the indication  that i had  clear my technical round and now i have to face the hr round

  1. I still remember at 8:30 pm i went for my hr round,as i entered the room the hr asked me to go out and wait for a minute i really got tensed as why did he asked me so.then after  5 mins i was asked to enter the room and i entered ,greeted the hr and he too wished said me  why he asked me go out and then i began my interview.

The questions were:

  1. Give me 1 very strong reason that makes you different from others for which i should select you?

Ans:-   I answered sir  firstly  i would  like to thank you for  giving me an  opportunity to face the hr round as your question go i know there are lakhs of freshers like me who have immense potential and caliber ,they are hard worker, punctual,ready to work in any working condition as i too have  mentioned on my resume as my strength , so sir i am not different than them but yes i am no less than them .i am like a weight of the weighing balance on which one side if 5 kg of rice is kept then the other side 5 kg weight is kept for balancing,and in the absence of anyone the job cannot be performed.

So sir my hard work capability,punctuality , energetic  ,zeal  and adaptability to any environment strength makes me a suitable candidate.

  1. Then he asked if there can be 1 reason for your rejection than what could it be?

Ans:     i said sir i don’t feel that i don’t  have any such quality for which i could get rejected but as you have asked this question so sir at times i get sentimental and take wrong decision which is my weakness and if any thing will be the reason for my rejection then it can be my sentiments , i try not to flow in sentiments but  sir as i am born in the month of september so people born under this month are sentiment so do i.

Then the hr paused for 1 min and to my surprising he asked me which religion i belong to in “hindi”..first i did not believed that the question which was asked to me was in hindi but i asked very politely pardon sir and when he again asked in hindi then i too answered him in hindi that yes sir hum kayasth hain.

Then he asked about dhoni that have i seen him and asked about his father what does he do all in hindi then i too answered him in hindi and said that hum dhoni ko kabhi nai dekhe hai bcoz wo ranchi ke hai and hum jamshedpur and sir as i am not interested in cricket so i really do not know what does Dhoni father does.and i politely asked the hr to ask me about Sharukh Khan  then he laughed and said because Dhoni is married so you are not interested in him(everything was in Hindi). Then i too slightly last i added that sir though i am not interested in Dhoni but really Dhoni is a role model of many people.

Then the hr shaked hand with me.said it was pleasure talking to you and asked me to go…

The whole time i kept on thinking that how can my interview could be in Hindi but then when i got selected all my dilemma was over gone.

What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?

Frankly speaking anything which went wrong for me was that 15 mins during my written test otherwise  once the result was declared i was so very confident of getting selected that i never felt that anything wrong can  happen.

What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

I just asked one question that sir what are the chances for freshers like us to go abroad for the project, basically the time period when we will  have an oppurtunity to go abroad.

Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:

Yes i would like to give few tips:

  1. Always believe on  yourself and god too.
  2. If you are not strong on certain section then just attempt the simple question and go ahead doesnot get panic that you left certain question.
  3. Try to answer the english question at last because english question can really sometime take too long time and they seem to be easy but tricky.
  4. Don’t ever have the thinking that your friend answer can be correct and yours wrong.
  5. Have a pleasant smile on your face while you are answering to the hr and even if you fumble at time get your confidence high and answer that question again without fumbling.
  6. I wish all my juniors  all the be stand good luck. Always think positive and you will see that every thing becomes ultimately positive for you.


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