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Why Do You Need a Resume?

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Do you know why a resume is so important in your job search? How a perfect resume can increase your chances of getting shortlisted for a job interview? And why this becomes even more important when you are a fresher? Read on to get all your answers now!

What is a resume?

  • It is your first point of contact with recruiters. Basis how well your resume fits in for a role, you can be shortlisted for a job interview.
  • It is a summary of your key details such as career objectives, qualifications, skills, achievements, and experience.
  • As a fresher, it is a perfect document to share details about your internship, workshops, projects, key assignments, extra-curricular and achievements.
  • It helps you highlight the factors that make you look like a qualified candidate for a potential employer.

In short, a resume is a professional document that reflects your worth to recruiters.

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Why do you need a good resume?

Writing a professional resume is imperative to stand out the competition and get shortlisted for a job you desire. In today’s competitive scenario, where a hiring manager receives numerous applications for a job role, resume becomes the first step to shortlist the desired and eligible candidates. Moreover, according to several surveys, recruiters give not more than 6 seconds to a single resume. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to write the best resume for your job search.

So, if you are actively looking out for a job, building a professional resume is the first step!

Bonus Tip: Writing a customized resume for each job opening helps you to fit a company’s requirements.

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  1. Make your career objective clear

Your resume should clearly communicate your career objective, whether as a fresher or an experienced professional. Mentioning a clear career objective adds value to your resume and makes your job search more focused. Many online CV makers help you prepare a smart resume that includes perfect personal details for freshers and experienced job seekers.

  1. Make your resume powerful

Your purpose should be to write the best resume that can help you land the right job offer. A resume is a tool that helps you sell your skills and knowledge to recruiters and get hired. So, take every possible help of free online resume builders to create a professional resume.

  1. Keep your focus on using a right format

Using the right format that presents a lot of your information in a clear manner is extremely important. Use crisp language, right font size, and bullets to prepare a professional resume. The easiest way to do it is to create a resume online without difficulty.

  1. Use professional resume maker tools

To give it the best shot, never hesitate to take professional help and create a winning resume. Check out Firstnaukri resume maker tool, which is free to use.


All the best.




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