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What Is The Difference Between A Resume and CV?

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It a common practice among freshers to confuse and use Resume, CV, and bio-data interchangeably. There is a widespread misconception that all these words mean the same. However, the truth is far from this assumption. While most jobseekers ignore it, some notice and use words like resume, CV and bio-data only where they are meant to be. The chances of landing a job automatically increases for these freshers than others.

If you are a fresher and you are gearing up to apply for jobs this placement season, craft a resume, a bio-data and a CV asap. In case you are confused about your resume bit, use a resume builder to cut all the clutter. With an online resume maker, you will make the cut and get best results and believe us, your application process will be stress free. You can also register here to use our online resume builder for free! 😃

In this article, we have collated pointers to help you clear the air about resume, CV and bio-data.



The term resume in French translates to “Summary”. That is exactly what a resume is. Resume is an official document that perfectly summaries you, your skills, your capabilities, and all other aspects. It is a summary of one’s education, experience, skills, etc.
A resume is designed specifically for the job that you are applying for. It is not a detailed summary of your personal experiences or your personal skills. Resumes are meant to be short and crisp. Hence, only the professional services and the things that are required for the job are to mentioned in a resume.

The structure of a resume is quite similar for different types of resumes. It shouldn’t exceed two pages, must be written in a professional manner with professional fonts and the main color should be black. It starts with a short and brief profile of the candidate, followed by expertise, skills, education, work and experience in a reverse chronological order.


Curriculum Vitae (CV) has a Latin origin which means “course of life”. It is much more detailed than a resume. There is no limit but following the general trend, a CV ranges between 2-3 pages. It covers every work experience, personal skills, professional skills, education, etc. in great details. The CV is prepared in a chronological order and the skills mentioned here, are much more as compared to that in a resume.


Bio-Data is more of a personal document than professional. It is not deemed as appropriate to send to a recruiter. It is an acronym for biographical data. In this document, more importance is given on personal information like date of birth, address, race, religion etc. The term Bio-Data is mostly used in India alone. Bio-Data is quite popular while applying for a government job.




## It is a brief summary of your professional life. It is the shortest of all three formats.
## It does not exceed two pages.
## It focuses on your skills, achievements, education, jobs, etc.
## Written in simple language.
## Specifically designed for jobs.


## It is a detailed document of professional life.
## It ranges between 2-3 pages. In some cases, it even extends to 4 pages.
## Focuses on skills, jobs, achievements, qualifications, etc. in a much more detailed manner.
## Skills are mentioned in detail.
## Designed in a chronological order.


## It is a personal, and not a professional document.
## This document can exceed 5 pages also. There is no limit.
## It focuses on personal information like religion, ethnicity, etc.

This format is widely used in India across government and non-government organizations. Hence it is popular especially among government job applicants.

Its time for you to easily create the most-relevant resume for today’s job market. As a fresher, ensure that you are not lagging behind. Use a top notch resume builder to stand out as well as avoid human errors in your first resume. Include relevant resume keywords and pertinent content that is best suited for the job opening. Firstnaukri just made your life easy! Register here to try our free online resume builder. Create a pre-formatted and professional looking resume with our Free Online Resume Maker. 🙂

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