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What changes are happening in the recruitment front during the COVID era?

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Do you need to bother about that as a job seeker?

Yes, of course!

Understanding how the COVID-19 has or going to impact the overall hiring process will help you to prepare ahead for your job interviews.

This becomes more important to understand if you are a fresher and have no idea about how companies hire.

So, let’s get on to understanding how is the current situation affecting recruiting efforts so that you can prepare better:

  • Shifting to the Online Hiring Process

The global crisis has impacted the job market along with other businesses. The major change for recruiters is to transition to a fully online recruitment process. Looking at the current scenario, the online onboarding process for new employees can soon become a new practice for many companies.

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  • Conducting Virtual Interviews:

The entire situation has brought tough conditions for recruiters as well.

To avoid coming in contact with others, physical interviews are discouraged by companies and they are switching to virtual interviews everywhere.

There are simple tips that can help you ace a virtual job interview. Prepare in advance by downloading any software required, practicing several mock interviews at home and maintaining the right facial expressions are all important factors you should keep in mind before attending a virtual interview.

  • Automating Recruitment Solution & Collaboration

For companies hiring in the crisis and beyond, it is the time to invest in a touch-free and automated hiring solution. Many companies are planning innovative software to automate their entire hiring process end-to-end, for example, video interviewing, automated scheduling, chatbot interaction, and online hiring assessments.

  • Virtual Job Fairs

Companies are focusing more on virtual job fairs and virtual job tryouts and considering them as an ideal opportunity to search for job applicants. With this, hiring managers would be able to respond to job applicants’ queries related to a job opportunity in their companies.  

Whatever the changes will time foresee in the recruitment process, as a job seeker you need to stay more informed, prepare well, and carry on your job search actively!

All the best.

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