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Name: R Sanjeev Singh
Company: VIRTUSA
Salary: 3.3 LPA

There were three rounds of Interviews: Personal Interview, Sequential, and Technical Interview. Interview was difficult to crack. But I could clear & also accepted the offer. They evaluated me on some questions like:

Technical Interview Questions:

– Explain about your mini project ?
– Are you done with your Mini Project ?
– Till what extent you have completed your mini project?
– How did you gather requirements?
– Write Fibonaaci series… Just series ( 0 1 1 2 3 5……)
– Fibonaaci series program in java
– Explain that program, flow of execution
– Few concepts related to java.. including collections, hash maps etc
– To check whether a given no. Is prime or not (I was confident, so he changed his question to following)
– Print prime no. Till a given number
– DBMS -> DML, DDL, DCL (Explain Commands)
– Software Engineering -> Software Development Life Cycle, no. of phases involved, Water Fall Model, Spiral Model, RAD Model, Prototype Model
– UML -> Use Case Diagrams Eg: ATM System
Few more questions… related to OOPS concept.

HR Round:

– Why did you choose CMR (My College)?
– What does your father do ?
– What does your Mom do ?
– What does your Brother do?
– Any plans for higher studies ?
– Why are you sitting in so attentive mode.. ?

In my view, to crack any interview is to Be Confident. Even though the answers are wrong say it with full confidence. Maintain an eye contact. Don’t hesitate to answers his/her questions. If you don’t know the answers say him/her that “I am unable to recollect that concept now”. The interviewer will try to put stress on you. So just be calm, be relaxed, be yourself and answer his questions.

To prepare you can refer: For Aptitude: Go with RS Aggarwal, don’t forget to refer your class notes. Refer all the core subjects related to your branch.

3.33 avg. rating (70% score) - 3 votes