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Veritas Technologies placement experience

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Company Name: Veritas Technologies


Name: Tauseef Liyaqat Hussain Malik


After three interview failures wherein in some of them, I couldn’t even crack the Aptitude round. I was completely destroyed thinking about the fact that being an engineering student I was not able to pass an Aptitude test. Then people start questioning how did you even get admission to this college?


Also looking at your friends getting selected and you being the only one left out is no less than a nightmare.


So begins the preparation to target the first hurdle. I started studying day and night, solving the mathematical problems till late night. My big support system was my elder brother, who solves mathematical problems like he was born with that magical power and he helped me whenever I was stuck with a problem or showed a simpler way to do it. I kept solving and taking time-bound online tests until I was confident enough.


Apart from just Aptitude, I kept some time aside for brushing up my Computer skills. During this tough phase, some friends kept me pushing that you can do it. And I kept that hope that nothing is over yet.


The D-day comes-in, L&T is the company, scared to the death thinking about Aptitude round. I went in along with the first group of students and gave the test. And you know what, I knew that I passed the test even before the volunteer declared it. I couldn’t contain the excitement, I had just crossed the biggest hurdle. And from then on, nothing could stop me. I got selected for L&T.


Well, I never wanted to stop, I wanted to make my parent’s proud, show them that they haven’t wasted their hard-earned money on me. I wanted to target lot bigger product companies. Then comes Symantec for pool campus. Unfortunately, I couldn’t crack the second technical interview. But you know what, it felt great that I was able to get through so many rounds (including a tough Aptitude test) amongst so many candidates.


It was time for final year results and I had only been selected in L&T till now. That goal of making my parents proud was gathering dust. Completed graduation with distinction. But I was still looking for something more. I was awaiting the joining letter from the company and also applying for off-campus drives along. Finally, I was called in for an off-campus drive at Veritas.


Now the excitement got bigger as I had to compete candidates from four different and much more renowned colleges. First I told myself, just give it your best shot, in the end, you are going to take a good experience even If you don’t get selected. First I cracked the Aptitude and then two more interview rounds. I was really happy and it felt like Almighty has written something good for me. With my brain and faith in almighty, I cracked three more rounds and topped it with a good talk with the Director. He was going to make the ultimate hiring decision. And I came to know from him that there were six more candidates in total who reached the finish line along with me and that they are going to have a discussion with the interviewers and will call-up the selected candidates a week later.


Being the only person who is not from a renowned college made me doubt my chances. But well I gave it my “Best Shot”. I will never forget that anxious day in my lifetime. I was waiting for that call. And it was 3:00 P.M when I finally received it and the HR said that you have been “Selected”. One of the best moments of my lifetime with my Mom right in front of me. It made her feel proud and I thanked almighty and everyone who helped me through this (silently in my heart).


In the end, it doesn’t matter from which college you come from. It’s all about that little hard-work, a little faith and extra push to do achieve something big.


Currently, it’s been over a year working with Veritas and I have no plans to stop dreaming big. My journey will continue and there is still a long way to go.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes