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Veritas Interview Experience of a Fresher

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Veritas visited our college for campus hiring. I applied for the position of a software developer through my college’s training and placement cell. The entire selection process was held in our campus as it was an on-campus drive for my batch. The company wanted to hire freshers with a background in CS/IT only. I met the eligibility criteria and hence I was allowed to sit for the test which included an aptitude test, 2 technical interviews and one HR interview round.

Our aptitude test was conducted on Firstnaukri’ s assessment platform. It comprised of about 25-30 multiple choice questions which were based on fundamental Computer Science concepts like database, B-tree, operating systems, html, basic mathematical applications like solutions for p^2 = n+q^2 etc.. We also had to answer 2 coding questions where we had to come up with a pseudocode to demonstrate the logic. The MCQs had negative marking which was a downside of the test.

Summary of my Veritas Interview Experience as a fresher

Name: Kunal Hemant Rasam

Company name: Veritas

Result: I was not selected

Position: Software Developer

Package: 1 Lakh per month

Rounds: 3

Place: VIT, Pune

Detailed Veritas interview experience

It was a pretty easy interview. Anyone with clear concepts in Computer Science fundamentals can crack the Veritas interview.

First technical interview (lasted for 1 hour)
I was asked what programming languages I was comfortable with. So I chose C and Java.

  • What is a reverse a singly linked list?
  • Apply strlen function in string.h
  • Apply strcmp using pointer
  • Encapsulation
  • Demonstrate OOPs concepts with examples
  • Manipulators
  • What are storage classes in C
  • What are access specifiers in Java
  • Destructor
  • What is the difference between string and char array in C language?
  • Demonstrate Bubble sort
  • Friend function
  • Write a function with variable length arguments
  • Function overloading
  • What is function overloading error
  • What will happen when overloaded functions have same arguments but different return types?
  • When I delete a node in a linked list, given a pointer to the node, and the node is not tail, what will happen?
  • What are collection classes?
  • What is rval and lval?
  • Ternary operator
  • What is your understanding of system level coding?
  • What is assembler program and compiler theory?
  • What is the difference between abstract classes and interfaces?
  • Why is main not private in Java?
  • Super keyword
  • Exception handling
  • What are cmd line arguments? How to accept them as strings?

In order to crack this round, prepare for SQL queries (especially the complicated ones) to crack Veritas. The interviewer was very nice and had the thorough knowledge of the area. He asked me various questions from ReSTFul APIs to algorithms to data structures. Some Resume related questions as well. He was considerate as well. Overall went well. I am waiting for the results. Let’s see how it goes.

Second technical interview (lasted for 1 hour)

First I was asked to describe all about my project in my words. Then I was asked about a topic of my choice. I chose data structures and DBMS.

  • Testing methods
  • Access modifiers
  • Data sampling
  • Data mining
  • Sealed modifiers
  • Normalization
  • Basics of cloud infrastructure management
  • Automation framework based some logical questions
  • DROP
  • Group clause use
  • What is strcmp and its use in Python?
  • Use recursion and iterative in tree traversal.
  • Scalar functions
  • Data structures for BFS and DFS.
  • Correlated subqueries
  • Amongst an array of elements (millions of elements) how will you return the fourth highest occurring element?
  • Join and enlist types
  • Disadvantages of a query
  • In a string say “I am Nelson” write a reverse function and output should be “Nelson am I”
  • What is the order of compilation, relocation, linking and loading
  • What is fragmentation
  • Query evaluation engine
  • Entity concept in DBMS
  • Give an example of polymorphism

HR Interview round (30 minutes)

I was asked pretty common interview questions and thankfully I had practiced some answers in advance with my friends. Hence I was able to answer them.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How to answer interview question: ‘What do you know about our company?’
  3. Describe Yourself – Best Answers to This HR Interview Question
  4. How to Answer ‘What Are Your Hobbies?’ HR Interview Question
  5. HR Interview Questions-How to answer “What makes you angry?”

I ended up not getting a job offer. It was a very disappointing experience but I learnt a lot in due course as the interview rounds were extensive and the interviewers tried to check every iota of programming knowledge in me. It was annoying but anyone who wants to actually become a good programmer should be able to counter all these questions with a convincing logic or reply. Prepare well for Veritas and you can crack it if all your basics are in place.

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