UTC Aerospace System Graduate Engineer Trainee (Mechanical) placement experience

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Personal Detail :

Name : Shubham Kumar Gupta

Qualification : Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)


Company Details (that I interviewed for) :

Name : UTC Aerospace System

Role and Post : Graduate Engineer Trainee (Mechanical)


Preprocess requirement:

I have my profile on firstnaukri.com mentioning all the details. Along with that I have uploaded my latest resume on the same portal. According to the company, I was one of the ten thousand students that got shortlisted for filling the registration form on the basis of firstnaukri.com and my resume. I got a mail mentioning the same and a link was provide to fill the form. You should have scored more than 70% in 10th, 12th and under graduation.


Interview Process :

The interview process consisted on 4 level with each level eliminating certain number of candidate. According to the company, after filling the form and careful examination, around two thousand candidates were shortlisted for first level .


Written test : First level (02/09/2017)

A mail confirmation was send to all the eligible candidate for the first level.

On 2nd of September, the test link was mailed to all the 2000 candidate. The test was of 60 minutes (30 minutes general aptitude + 30 minutes technical) comprising of 60 question (30 from each section). There was no negative marking.

General aptitude question consisted of English (synonym, antonym, fill correct word, etc.), arithmetic aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal reasoning. This section was easy but 3-5 question were really time consuming (seating arrangement, puzzle test, etc.)

Technical section comprised of basic question from the related branch/subject. If you know the basics of your branch, you can do it in 10 minutes.

I did good in technical and some portion of general aptitude. Due to some question that were time consuming, I could finish the aptitude section and as a result I have to make guess for some answer (as there was no negative marking)

I would suggest that, you should do the question which are not lengthy. Put hand in only those question which you can solve in very short time and at last if you get time then do the remaining question, otherwise make guess. Try to attempt all the question.

Note : In the very first mail, it was mentioned that online written test will be on 02/09/2017 and rest level will be on 09/09/2017 in Bengaluru. So plan accordingly.


Group discussion : Second level (09/09/2017)

Out of 2000 student who appeared for the online written round, only 186 were selected for further process (a mail mentioning the same was sent on 05/09/2017) of group discussion, technical interview and HR interview. These three rounds were scheduled in Bengaluru at the UTC aerospace campus.

In GD, groups of 10-12 were made. For the GD, you need to speak at least a valid points and be alert and listen to what others say. In my team, there were 12 members and the topic which was given to us was “Interlinking of rivers in India is advantageous or disadvantageous.” The duration of GD was 12 minutes. You will get extra 2 minutes before starting to think and jot down relevant points after the topic has been disclosed.


Technical Interview : Third level (09/09/2017)

Now this round completely depends on what you have studied so far in your branch. You should be damn good at any 2 subjects.

The interview started with my introduction. The interviewer then asked me about my project and vocation training. You should be crystal clear at your project. I gave the name of my favorite subject. The question started from basics and then slowly it went into depth. Believe me, the session was really tough and lasted for about 45-50 minutes, though I was not selected. The reasons for not selecting me, I think is that (as per my view) my project was not a strong and new one, so I was not able to answer some of the question that he asked about my project. I gave all the initial technical answer but at last I missed out on some (3-4) answer. Maybe someone did better than me.

Note : The level of question in technical round completely depends on the interviewer. Some candidates who were interviewed by some other interviewer, and as per them very simple basic question were asked and that just for 10-15 minutes. Luck matters.


HR interview : Fourth level (09/09/2017)

As I was not selected for the final round, I don’t know much about this section. But, according to some fellow candidate, the question for HR round were basic behavioral question and question related to company. Go through the website, know the field in which it works, its product, how and when it was formed, what it does in India, history, etc.


 What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

  • I asked him “What a day at the company looks like?”

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