Unisys India Consultant Placement Experience

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Company: Unisys India

Profile: Consultant 4

Salary: 5.3 LPA

Place: UVCE, Bangalore

Number of Rounds: 5

Result: Selected

Application process

I applied to the position via my college. The company Unisys India had come to our college campus in Bangalore, to conduct a day-long on-campus recruitment drive.

Interview rounds

Following were the interview rounds which were conducted during my placement drive.

Aptitude Test: The first round was all about solving aptitude questions. The question paper was all about mathematical fundamentals such as percentages, profit and loss statements, motion and velocity problems, geometry, algebra and more. There were also multiple-choice objective-type verbal ability questions which were slightly tough.

Technical Test: In the written technical test, our fundamentals of programming in C, C++, Java, OS and DBMS were tested. The level of difficulty was basic and those of us with clear fundamentals passed this round easily. This was followed by the technical interview round which was also very easy.

Technical Interview: This was in sync with the previous round and questions were easy. They were also programming puzzles and database questions.

Telephonic HR interview: Then we had to attend the telephonic HR interview. I think it was conducted to test our communication skills. I portrayed basic business conversational etiquettes on the telephone. I was asked to speak on the topic, ‘Is the iPhone innovative or are telephones more innovative?’ As youngsters of this day and age, our understanding of this topic is good enough. As a result, we were able to explain our viewpoints clearly. I tried to stick to good English while conversing and hence, made it through into the next round.

Listening Test: In the listening test, we were made to listen to pre-recorded files and on the basis of our understanding of these recordings, we had to answer certain questions on an answer sheet. We were not allowed to scribble on the question papers probably because the same set was reused to test the remaining batches.

HR Interview: In the end, there was an HR interview round. In this round, I had to talk about the projects I submitted as a part of my final semester. I explained all the concepts related to my project to my best possible abilities. We had applied the concepts of computer graphics and I was thorough in the same. I had mentioned the same in my resume as well. Probably they gave me points because of my meticulousness in the concepts of strings and pattern printing.

My learnings from this placement interview experience

Be confident: I would like to advise all juniors that please be confident. Be thorough in your basics and rewrite you resume such that you can speak on anything that is mentioned in it.

Prepare in advance: While preparing, try and cover one full book to understand programming basics. For instance, if you are reading Yashwant Kanetkar for Unix, complete it. Only then jump to some other books on OOPS with Java.

Refer syllabus: If time permits, refer your course books and revise all engineering basics, at least the ones you used in your project work. Unless and Until you thorough with your concepts and have got all your doubts cleared, you are not ready for the interview.

Self-evaluate: Remember that self-evaluation is very crucial. If your concepts are clear you can clear both the initial written rounds, and once they are clear, the remaining ones are easy to crack. The concepts you apply while speaking in an interview should be the ones you are confident about.

Quick observations about the day of the drive

On the day of your placement drive, HR personnel of Unisys India will conduct your written test first. Then they will check your resume and eventually shortlist you for the technical round. In this round, you have to write your answers in comment boxes.

Then comes the verbal test. Funnily, it is also a written round where your listening skills are tested. First Unisys HR will summon 5 members at a time. These 5 candidates will sit in a secluded room where they will be made to listed to a recorded conversation. These are two-way technical support conversations with a professional touch. After you are done listening to the recording, you will have to recall certain specific keywords from the conversation and note them down.

Then you will be handed a question paper containing questions related to the previous conversation. Once you answer all of them, you will be called for a telephonic interview.

An HR person representing Unisys India will call you to give a brief introduction. In the HR round, I was not asked any routine HR interview questions, it was rather very relaxed and informal. I enjoyed my campus drive with Unisys India thoroughly and I am happy that I got selected to work for such a reputed organization.

From what I understood, the aptitude test is the most crucial elimination round. Out of 15 shortlisted candidates, 5 finally made it and I am proud to be one of them. Thank you, Unisys.

As far as your interview is concerned, try not to bluff. Be truthful while answering any technical or personal interview question. Give this campus drive your best shot. If the interviewer feels you are a deserving candidate, you will surely get a spot offer letter.

All the best!


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