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TradeIndia Mechanical Field Engineer Placement Experience

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Company: TradeIndia

Profile: Mechanical Field Engineer

Salary: 3.5 Lakhs Per Annum

Place: Jamshedpur

Number of Rounds: 2

Result: Not Selected

Application process

TradeIndia off-campus recruitment drive for 2018-2019 was conducted in Jamshedpur. I applied for this campus drive through my college’s placement cell. Some of the other applicants had directly applied online for this placement drive, without any college intervention.

The company was looking out for freshers who could fill up relevant job openings, probably at TradeIndia Jamshedpur office. They were mainly focusing on vacancies of entry level engineers and IT internship positions.

Interview Rounds

During the TradeIndia placement drive, the following rounds were conducted to filter out candidates. I have listed them below for your reference:

Aptitude test:

This was a written round. I cleared it with ease as the questions were basic and anyone good in math can clear the same. I answered several Mathematical puzzles and trick questions. I was able to answer most of them correctly as I had practiced well in advance for the same.

Technical Test:

This was a written round too followed by a technical interview later. The round was tough as questions were tricky programming puzzles.

Group Discussion:

Candidates who had cleared the first two rounds were asked to appear for the same. In the GD round, my topic of discussion was GST. The question put forth by my panelist was something like this, ‘What is the role of GST in our day to day lives?’ There were 10 candidates in my GD group and about 24-25 groups in total. Competition level was high and tough, yet my group performed well. We had some really good orators who stole the show with the following points pertaining to GST and its impact on common man.

Technical Interview:

This was in continuance with the second round or technical written test. The questions were all about database and programming concepts.

HR Interview:

All the candidates who cleared the technical written round faced the HR interview and most of them cracked the same.

My interview learnings and results

I successfully cleared only two interview rounds.
I did not perform well in the third round, which was the GD or group discussion round.
Eventually, I got rejected in the fourth round i.e. the technical Interview Round.
Of the 5 rounds, first 2 i.e., Aptitude and Technical were written rounds.

My GD round in detail

Since the topic given to my group was GST. We handled the discussion as smartly as we could. A summary of my GD round is as follows:

The central government has enacted 4 bills under the Goods and Services Tax, namely Central GST (CGST), Integrated GST (IGST), Union Territory GST (UTGST) and Bill to Compensate States
Daily Consumer goods that we use have actually become cheaper by 4 to 5% after GST. There is zero GST on eatables like food grains, flours, cereals, pulses, besan etc. Commodities like fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh milk, common salt, puffed rice, animal feed, organic manure and fire wood are also exempted from GST. Not to forget, raw silk, wool and jute are also free of GST. This is a huge benefit for the common man of India.
Visits to theme parks and movie theatres have become more expensive. These will charge a 28% tax on every ticket. Likewise, prices of ayurvedic products have seen a raise in tax from the previous 8% to 12% now. However, the GST Council of India keeps meeting from time to time in order to facilitate smooth implementation of this bill for the citizens of India.

“Interview questions we faced in the HR round and how I answered them”

How much progress u can do in this field – This question was targeted at a candidate’s future goals. I did not make it to this round but a friend did.
How much ability do you possess to improve our company products and sales – This question tested the secondary skills of a candidate. They were checking if a candidate was well versed about the industry, and company portfolio.
Generic personal questions – These were about a candidate’s day to day life and most of my friends handled them smartly.

My learnings from this placement interview experience
Written round: I tried to put my best foot forward. With minimal preparation, I gave the best possible performance. Had I prepared a tad bit more, I could have made it into the final round.
Aptitude round: Some of the aptitude questions seemed difficult. And my major roadblock was the GD round. I did not get a chance to speak as everyone was pouncing into the discussion with too many good points. My advice to you would be participate in mock group discussions. Practice discussion with your friends on current affairs and latest topics. Learn to debate sensibly and in a civil manner. Also, read newspapers daily to stay on top of latest news and important events.

If you are a TradeIndia Aspirant, practice lots of TradeIndia old and mock placement papers online. Read as many TradeIndia interview experiences as possible on Also, in order to successfully crack TradeIndia written examination and the TradeIndia written online test, practice aptitude questions in bulk from R.S. Aggarwal.

If you are all set to start your preparation, check out the latest TradeIndia test pattern and syllabus too. They will be of great help during your preparation. Preparing well in advance will help you answer maximum questions correctly. Also, systematic studies will help you clear this TradeIndia placement interview easily. Be confident from within and don’t lose your heart.

All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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