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TradeIndia Interview Questions for Mechanical Graduate Engineer Jobs

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Profile: Mechanical graduate engineer

Salary: 3.5 lakhs per annum

Place: Jamshedpur

Number of rounds: 2

Result: I wasn’t selected

About TradeIndia

TradeIndia is an online B2B portal or a business to business site where Indian as well as global SMEs or small to mid-sized businesses can list their product inventory. Bikky Khosla started this portal back in 1996. Today it is under the flagship umbrella of Infocom Network Ltd. TradeIndia’s headquarters are located in New Delhi, India, and the company also has corporate offices dotted across 35 Indian cities. As of date, roughly 1200 professionals are employed with TradeIndia.

TradeIndia Mechanical graduate engineer interview in brief

I tried to give my best performance in the TradeIndia job interview for a graduate engineer. Though some questions were tough, I tried to frame my answers as smartly as possible.  Yet I did not get selected. I think my lack of sales industry knowledge caused the rejection. I actually knew about some of the concepts but I could not articulate properly and also failed to recall information at the right time. But my TradeIndia interview was an enlightening experience as I learnt a lot. Today, I know a lot of things pertaining to B2B sales, thanks to this productive interaction.

Round 1: Technical interview at TradeIndia

Following are some of the questions I primarily faced in my Tradeindia job interview. Prepare for these questions if you are ready to start a flourishing Tradeindia career.
## I was asked to solve several Mathematics trick questions
## I was also asked what sort of progress I expect to make in this field?
## They also grilled me about what sort of abilities I possess to improve company products and sales?
## In the end I was asked a lighter question about “What is your typical day like?”

Round 2: Group Discussion round at TradeIndia

The Group discussion round was about GST. We were asked to discuss the topic “What is the role of GST in our day to day lives?” Following was my answer for the same.

GST has impacted our lives in several ways. VAT and Excise Duty of 12.5% have been abolished, so cars especially SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans are significantly cheaper. But those of us who are fond of jewelry have to pay 6% tax on these luxury items, compared to the earlier 2%. Tech savvy people need to pay more tax i.e. 18% on smartphones compared to 12% earlier. These are a few areas where GST has deeply impacted out day to day lives as these commodities are essential for every citizen in urban India. When it comes to citizens of India in general. Tickets costing approximately Rs. 131 prior to GST will now cost around Rs. 150 which is a steep increase.

Hope my tips will help you crack your interview at TradeIndia. All the best!

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