Toxsl web designer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Mar 18, 2016

Company: Toxsl

Profile: Web Designer

Salary: 2 LPA

Interview Date: Nov 2015

Name: Gaurav Tewari   

I wasn’t selected.

There were two rounds of interview.

Heading – Brief, one line advice/strategy/experience snapshot –: It was a good experience and they were very polite to me. I thought that I will get through because I was answering them every time they questioned me; I was not able to answers 4 questions of technical rounds.

I was expecting it to be my day as they also asked me whether I can go abroad and I said YES. But unfortunately I wasn’t got selected.

Round 1: Aptitude round cleared (easy)

Round 2:HR and Technical one after the other.

Please describe your overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round: Round 1:- My strategy was to be effective in terms of time-management.

Because that is the main key to score well.

Round 2:- I was good in HR and I knew that it will be good.

As technical round started theoretical questions were easy but was a bit bad at writing codes.

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company: Be calm and do not panic.

Key skills tested in the process: Aptitude, Technical and Communication skills.

Recommended Books, Blog/ website, Video: I refer a book by Denis Richie.

Courses or certification that will help in getting selected: C or JAVA

Your motivation for applying: Do not leave opportunity. You get to learn from them a lot.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: How much creative you are?


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