Tips to Write a Resume (With no Work Experience)

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 19, 2019

As a fresher, you have to start somewhere to land your dream job. With first job search comes the need to prepare for a job interview and one of the most challenging tasks; writing a perfect resume! Although we all know that adding a work experience makes your resume more relevant for employers, but in the case of freshers there is no work experience that can be added. However, there is no need to feel perplexed, as there is still a trick to outshine your fresher resume and get the required attention from hiring managers.

Here are the useful tips for fresh graduates on how to make your resume do all the talking for you and land a job offer:

1.      Mention your education at the top

As a fresher, it is best to let your qualification shine at the top of your resume. Many companies hire freshers for different roles and education is the top criterion for them to shortlist the candidates. This information can be added just after your career objective or summary where it quickly gets a glance by recruiters. Mention your degree name, specialization, college name, percentage and year of graduation.

2.      Add extra curriculum to earn brownie points 

Employers often look for a candidate who is a complete package for their organizations. This means that your education is not the only important information for employers, but how actively you have participated in other extra-curricular activities speak a word about your overall personality. Therefore, add information about any volunteering, sports events, workshops, etc. to improve your chances of appearing as a potential job candidate.

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3.      Take note of your achievements

For job seekers who have some work experience, it is quite easier to highlight achievements by mentioning the impact they have made in their work, for example by achieving business targets, independently planning and executing a strategy, etc. However, do not worry that how you can highlight your achievements without having any work experience. As a fresher, the best way to do this is by mentioning your educational achievements, projects or assignments you have worked independently or with a team and made an impact. You can also mention awards or certificates you have received in your college days.

4.      Do not forget to add relevant skill-set

While your academic records help you to get shortlisted and land to a job interview, skill is something that makes you employable. At the end of the interview, any employer wants to see if you are a suitable candidate and has skills that are required to actually perform the required task. Therefore, it is always recommended to add relevant skills, particularly from the job description. These skills can be like team leadership, excellent communication or interpersonal skills. You can support the mentioned skills in your conversation with the interviewer with some instances where you showcased these skills during your college days.

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  1. Prepare a professional resume

Keep your resume professional so that it doesn’t make the recruiter feel that you are not aware of the nuances of the hiring industry. Avoid making any grammatical and typo errors, use the best resume format and add relevant information only. The best way to create a professional and error-free resume is to take the help of a free online resume builder tool offered by Firstnaukri. It is specially designed to help freshers create a winning resume in seconds that can be downloaded without a cost.

Writing a perfect resume that turns your efforts into a job offer is not a cakewalk, but with the right approach, you can surely write a professional resume that catches recruiters’ attention.

We hope these tips will help you to get a winning resume with no work experience.

All the best!





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