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4 Tips to Get Noticed by Top Recruiters

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Marketing yourself for the future of your industry is a skill that fresh graduates need to learn. Being a job-seeker in today’s time is a major challenge as competition is tougher than ever before. We are all aware of this fact and yet most of us continue to plod along applying the same job-searching rules that sadly never make a difference – The reality is that there’s isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ resolution to help job seekers land a job.

In fact, if you want to get noticed among thousands of other job applicants, you have to go above and beyond to land on the radar of employers. You have to take charge of your career and do something innovative, different and nontraditional!

So, here are some tips to ‘get noticed’ as an ideal job applicant for recruiters:

  1. Find different ways. Be unique with a catchy resume:

How much information can you actually fit in onto a single piece of paper? Resumes in their conventional structure before technology allowed candidates to express themselves  only in one way. However, today you can do much better; which means exploit technology and do something that makes you unique and that lets your persona shine. Video resumes are a great way to do this wherein you can show your passion and enthusiasm for a role or product in ways no resume can. It also lets you emphasize on other qualities recruiters prize. But don’t go overboard and send a lengthy monologue. Remember that recruiters have restricted time. Ideally, recruiters will already have a video option built into their hiring processes. But if they don’t, keep yours short and convincing. Find interesting ways to emphasize your talents. Else your resume will get tossed in the reject pile.

The bottom line is: stand out by highlighting qualities that can’t be seen in your resume but that you want employers to know. Because if you can’t market yourself, who will?

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2. Think out of the box:

Go against the tide. Do something recruiters don’t expect from you, or that hasn’t been done before to get noticed. Exhibit that you are keen to learn new things, take on newer challenges, and have diverse experiences. Demonstrate leadership; recruiters love candidates who exude leadership skills. Even though you have never led a team, you perhaps have some leadership understanding tucked away such. As you research, learn about skills needed to excel in the role you are applying to. If there are skills you don’t have yet, which are in high demand at that organization, make every effort to learn them. Examples of much wanted skills might include social media -which, when mastered, puts you ahead of others.

3. Find your niche:

Job skills have become ever more specific and fragmented than ever before. So find something you’re naturally good at and specialize. Evaluate yourself and see what you can do that no one else can. A distinct specialized skill or talent can make all the difference between getting noticed and not getting the job of your dreams.

4. Become proactive:

 If you know the company you wish to work with then don’t wait for any official job postings. A lot of companies, the more innovative ones, accept resumes any time. Being proactive means getting noticed before the chase has formally begun. This is an ideal moment to maybe send a tweet and get seen early on. This way you can show why they should take you even if they don’t have an existing open position. This is why creating an impressive resume is extremely important for a successful job search.

To summarize, it would be futile to continue with tried and exhausted job seeking regimes. If you really want to get noticed then the mantra is to try something different!

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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