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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for Your Job

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cover letter tips

Struggling with writing a professional cover letter? No big deal. Simple tricks and tips can help you create an impressive cover letter that goes well with your resume. While Firstnaukri free online resume maker helps you to create online resume for your job search, this article will share some useful tips as well as do’s & don’ts of writing a perfect cover letter.

Let’s begin with understanding what a cover letter is and why it is important.

A cover letter is an important document that gives information about your qualification, projects, internships, career goals, work experience (if any) and other details in a crisp format. It is also known as a job application letter and highlights your resume gist in the best possible manner. Therefore, choosing a professional cover letter template can do wonders to help you land a job interview.

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Importance of a cover letter

“I’ve already written an impressive resume, why should I bother to write a cover letter?”, this is what most freshers think. Writing a cover letter is imperative as sending a resume without a cover letter is of limited value for any employer. It cleverly communicates recruiters about the position you are looking for and quickly helps them distinguish between two job seekers with the same qualification.

There are two ways that help you to create a first impression on recruiter, and it is by (1) writing a professional resume and (2) writing a winning cover letter. Firstnaukri resume maker a free and reliable option to create a resume. And when it comes to creating a cover letter, get ready to stand apart from your competition with these tips:

Tips to write a cover letter

Here are some quick tips for your cover letter format


## Choose an impressive heading for your cover letter. Tell them why you are interested in working with the company. For this, research online about the company, its culture, products, business line, etc.
## Include a proper greeting and address your cover letter to the hiring manager. Mentioning the name of the concerned person makes your resume look personal. However, if you do not know the hiring manager’s name, use any of the following greetings:
>> To Whom It May Concern,
>> Dear Manager,
>> Dear [ABC Company] Team,
>> First paragraph: Take this opportunity to catch the hiring manager’s attention by mentioning what you can deliver and share your achievements. Build a connection between your qualification, skills, and achievements with the job role.
>> Second paragraph: Talk about your unique selling proposition. This should be in continuation with what you have mentioned in the first paragraph. Elaborate what expertise you have in your field; include key projects, internship, and extracurricular activities.
## Third paragraph: Focus on how you will fit in the job role. This should be supported with some examples.
## Sign-off with a formal closing such as Sincerely, Thank You, or Best Regards.
## Stand out with a postscript that mentions your one more achievement along with your openness to provide the hiring manager with more information, if required.
## Always proofread your cover letter before sending. Any grammatical mistake can cost you the job.

## Don’t simply repeat your resume. A cover letter is not about restating what has already been mentioned in your resume.
## Don’t pick any random cover letter format. Research online to get professional cover letter samples to get a right format.
## Avoid making it too long and try to keep it within one page by highlighting only important information. Eliminate complicated sentences and words to keep it succinct.
## Don’t forget to customize your cover letter for every company or job. Remember, customizing your cover letter personalizes your job application for each new job opportunity.
## Don’t be dishonest in representing your experience and qualifications.
## Don’t end randomly. Mention that you are keen to follow-up over a call or an e-mail.

Spending some time on crafting a perfect cover letter definitely pays off! A good start can do a great deal to help you land a job interview. Hope these do’s & don’ts will keep you on track to come up with a winning cover letter for your job search.

Good luck!

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5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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