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The Rise of Non Premium & Multi-Campus Hiring

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Based on how career-graphs of engineering profiles are evolving,, a leading job search platform, extracted the data of 56,000 candidate profiles. These profiles spanned through diverse experience levels ranging from 0 to 12 years. This study showed that in terms of salary progression, performance of top 50 percent candidates from non-premium institutes was at par with those from Tier-1 institutes.

While there were some minor differences, the salaries of candidates from non-premium colleges tended to approach those of candidates from non-premium colleges, as the number of years of experience increased. Given this correlation, it can be inferred that with the right exposure and training, there is little to no difference between talent from premium and non-premium colleges.

Hence, one can devise a strategy to find premium talent in Tier-2 & Tier-3 institutes, instead of racing against other corporates and competing to hire candidates from Tier-1 or top branded institutes at sky rocketing costs.

hiring trend

Career growth of Premium vs Tier 1 & 2 college students in India

Today, over 50% graduates have multiple job offers or opportunities prior to joining.

This number increases significantly as the brand value carried by their institute goes up (or in other words, the more ‘premium’ or lesser the ‘number of candidates’ in demand, greater is the role of candidate screening). Which means you need to be scouting and screening through multiple campuses, to give yourself a best shot at reaching candidates at the right time. However this may be a challenge in terms of cost, effort and time involved.

Many leading organizations have relied on FirstNaukri to orchestrate their Campus Recruitment process. Firstnaukri’s solutions not only help recruiters source candidates from a vast network of campus partners, but also these state-of-the-art products optimize the entire campus hiring activity in terms of reducing time, effort and cost involved, without compromising on quality.

Think Campus Hiring


(Data Source: 2016-17)

Originally published by Nishant Bhalla on Linkedin. Link to article.

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Nishant Bhalla is an accomplished Head of Sales and a consummate Business Development Strategist. At present, he is serving as the Senior Vice President, Sales at

You can connect with Nishant on LinkedIn and Twitter to understand Firstnaukri’s Campus Recruitment Solutions.


5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 1 vote