The Best 2019 Resume Samples for Freshers

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Did you know an employer spends not more than 6 seconds on a resume?

This is why FirstNaukri recommends all fresh graduates like you to write a crisp and professional resume to get interview calls. Your resume is your first interaction with an employer that can help you highlight your skills and strengths, and thereby, catch recruiters’ attention.

We have shared some useful tips to help you create a compelling resume.

Important sections in writing a resume for freshers

While writing a fresher resume with no work experience, two sections become crucial for highlighting your worth to potential employers. These important sections are your (1) profile summary and (2) education.

Profile Summary:

As a fresher, most of you lack work experience; therefore, there is no scope of adding any valuable information in your resume that can showcase how you can fit in the job role. However, there is a smart way to impress a recruiter by adding a profile summary.

If you are thinking that what a profile summary means, read on. It is a crisp pitch to recruiters that talks more precisely about you. A well-written profile summary convinces recruiters to scroll down your resume and scan further information. A professional profile or career summary for fresher should be precise and highlight the best in you.

Bonus Tip: Leverage this section to match your career objectives with the job role and responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

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Education Details:

Since freshers usually do not have any work experience to add, education becomes the most important information that any employer looks for in shortlisting a candidate. This section is not difficult to fill in, as you have to add all the recent information about your education, which includes marks, college name, certifications, etc.

Other Sections:

Apart from profile summary and education, other important headings that should be covered in your fresher resume include internship detail, courses studied, technical skills, key projects completed, and some personal information such as date of birth and languages known.

Bonus Tip: Always use bullets to highlight key information. Recruiters appreciate an organized and easy to gather information layout.

Sample 1: Resume For Freshers

Mobile: +91 00000000

 Address: xxxxx


An enthusiastic engineering fresher who is a self-starter and capable to use technical skills for the betterment of the organization. A master’s degree in Software Engineering has enhanced my proficiency in developing web applications and looking forward to work in a competitive environment that enhances overall learning.


✓ B.Tech from XYZ COLLEGE in 2018 (CGPA 7.85/10)
✓ 10+2 from ABC Institute in 2014 with 84%
✓ 10th |from ABC Institute in 2012 with 90%


✓ Database: SQL Server, MS access, Oracle
✓ Applications: Frontpage, MS Office
✓ Servers: Apache, Web Logic, Tomcat
✓ Languages: SQL, C


Organization:  ABC Ltd., City

Title:  Enterprise Reporting System

Duration:  2 Weeks


ERP System for High Voltage Transformers
Enterprise Reporting System


Information Security
Distributed OS
Java Programming & Data Structures
Software Quality Testing


Date of Birth: xxxx

Languages Known: English and Hindi

Here’s another different resume sample for freshers that looks even more attractive and crisp. Remember, there is no standard format for writing a resume and any sample can be tweaked as per your requirements and information to be added.

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Sample 2: Resume For Freshers

freshers resume

freshers resume

Bonus Tips: For these resume samples, proper spacing and big headings look attractive. Also, rename and save your fresher resume sample as .pdf format as MS Word may not keep your resume layout intact.

Fresher Resume Mistakes to Avoid

## Avoid sending the same resume for all jobs. This makes your resume irrelevant for other employers.
## Make your resume crisp and relevant. Too lengthy resumes are not useful.
## Never lie and provide false information.
## Always check grammatical errors.
## Avoid typo errors. This makes you look careless.

All the best!

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