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Telephonic Interview of a Civil Engineering Fresher at Metro Structures

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I was initially intimated by the HR that Metro Structures on call that they wanted to hire freshers who would be genuinely interested to invest in their professional development. Therefore I chose to walk my interviewer through all the industry related coursework I had completed. Please remember that in your Metro Structures interview, your interviewer would genuinely want to know all about your formal education and training concerned with both engineering and construction industries.

Summary of my Metro Structures interview

Name: Nithyanantham
Company: Metro Structures
Position: Executive Civil Trainee
Result: I got selected in this company
Package offered: 1.5 to 2.5 LPA
Place: Metro Structures Office, Venkitapuram
Rounds: 2
Date of Interview: 15/05/2019

My detailed telephonic interview experience at Metro Structures

First round at Metro Structures – telephonic interview

My first round was conducted over a phone call. The interviewer asked me to tell about myself on the telephonic interview. I chose to speak about my family and my educational background in brief.

Read detailed tips to crack a telephonic interview here.

Second round at Metro Structures – face to face interview

My second round at Metro Structures was a face-to-face HR interview round. Over the interview, I was asked to describe myself and also explain the reason why I went in for a degree in Civil Engineering.

I was also asked some fundamental questions on civil engineering basics. I have listed them below for your reference.

  • How do you measure concrete? In cubic feet, cubic yards, and cubic meters
  • Which is stronger? A solid steel rod or a hollow steel pipe? From a per pound point of view, a hollow steel pipe is stronger as it can bend and it will not buckle in axial compression.
  • Describe the force exerted by a Tacoma narrows bridge. Force exerted to the Tacoma narrows bridge was wind resistance which led to the whole bridge acting as a system with forced vibration added to damping.
  • Give reasons for a building collapse. With time, a structure may become unstable. Also weak foundations, bombing attacks, demolition and natural calamities can make a building collapse.
  • Differentiate between routine maintenance and major maintenance. Routine maintenance is nothing but minor repairs and a major maintenance is synonymous with total reconstruction or renovation.

Later I was also asked “What are your hobbies?” and I spoke only about the ones I had mentioned in my resume.

My final round as a Civil Engineer

In my last and final round, I had an interaction with the MD or managing director of the company. It was a pretty interactive session. He was checking my behavior and my attitude.

That’s it about my interview! All the best guys. Just be relaxed and believe in yourself. Then you will make it through any type of job interview. 🙂


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