Tech Mahindra IT testing placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 07, 2016

Company: Tech Mahindra

Profile: IT Testing

Salary: Rs 2,00,000 PA

Interview Date: Nov 2015

Name: Harpreet Kaur

There were two round of interview.

It was a very good experience. I got motivated.

The first round was online assessment. The person who cleared the online test would go for the following rounds. I cleared my online test and went for technical and hr rounds. The technical round was easy. The recruiters were very nice and polite. I cleared the technical round and went for the hr round. The hr round was similar to technical round, whereby i could ask my doubts to the hr. I was selected and hired as well. My placement was in jims Rohini only so this is a lucky place for me.

My overall experience was very good. I could feel that confidence in myself after the online test and the interview. There is no such strategy that i followed. The only thing one needs to take care of while appearing for any interview is that one should be yourself and present oneself the best. The communication skills and one’s personality is enough to impress the recruiter.

Speak in English without fumbling. Try to illustrate with examples. Be confident. Do not beat around the bush. Be very clear and precise. Give the actual details. Do not present false facts to the recruiter and most importantly be mentally present for both the online and the HR round.

Key skills tested in the process: “Logical Ability, Verbal Ability Quantities Aptitude, and Grammar”

Recommended Books, Blog/ website, Video :

Courses or certification that will help in getting selected : None, fluent English and good attitude.

Your motivation for applying ? I feel I can present myself well, so my motivation will be my communication skills. Also, the company’s good reputation.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: Best moment is when I cleared the online test because cracking the test was not a cake walk. Tech Mahindra’s online test was quite a challenging one.


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