TCS Interview Experience of a Fresher

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 23, 2019
Name: Y. Bhargavi
Place: Noida, Ghaziabad
Company: TCS
Position: Software Developer
Result: I didn’t get selected
Package offered: 3.5 Lakhs per annum
Rounds: 3
Critical Skills: Communication


I attended the TCS National Test – 2018. The test was conducted on 1st September 2018. At that time, I was in my B.Tech final year. After a few days of the test, the result was announced. I had qualified in this written round and was on cloud 9. This was the first time I had cleared any national level test, which made me proud.

All the candidates who has cleared the test got a mail from TCS, which was an invitation to attend another interview round. I received it too and was all set to attend a second round which was the technical round.

On the interview day, I went to the venue and submitted my CV at the registration desk. I also had to submit a copy of my application form. Fortunately, I was carrying it. After that we were summoned one by one for the interview. There were multiple panels seated in different interview rooms.

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I gave this technical interview my best shot but did not get through, and naturally was extremely disappointed.

💡Quick Tip: You can easily apply for the TCS mass recruitment test online or through your college’s placement cell. Once you clear the first round, your interview is 90% done! 

Details of TCS Inteview of a Fresher

Q1. Good afternoon. Please have a seat.

Answer: Hello. Good afternoon Sir. Good afternoon Ma’am. I am Bhargavi.

Q2. Tell me about Yourself.

Answer: I spoke about my academic background, achievements, hobbies and family.

Q3. So are you trained in Karate?

Answer: Yes Sir. I got my black belt at the age of 17.

Q4. What other martial arts are of interest to you?

Answer: Karate as a martial art, has been designed around strikes and punching. To master the kicking side under strikes, I have enrolled for Taekwondo lessons. Later, I would also like to master atleast one grappling martial art form in the future, like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Kung Fu.

Q5. Interesting! (Smiling) So what else interests you?

Answer: I like to travel. I would like to see some places that I have listed down pretty soon. One of them is Wudang Mountain in the northwest of Hubei province of China. This place has the roots of Wudang Kung Fu, and this form of martial arts originated here. I would also like to visit Brazil as it is the place of origin of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Apart frm martial arts and travel, I love to do programming.

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Q6. Fair enough. What languages do you code in?

Answer: I like to code in Python for its simple syntax. It is the lingua franca of coding of our generation.

Q7. That’s a powerful statement! Python will not replace C and C++. Nor will it kill off Java or JavaScript ever. Why not learn Go and Rust instead? Anyway, since you like Python, let me ask you a few questions.

Answer: Sure.

Q8. What is PEP 8?

Answer: Its a coding convention or a set of recommendation for Python.

Q9. What tools find bugs or help perform static analysis?

Answer: PyChecker is a static analysis tool for bug detection where Python is the source code. Thats the only one I remember Sir.

Q10. What is the difference between list and tuple?

Answer: List is mutable while tuple is not. Tuple can be hashed for dictionaries.

Q11. What is Dict and List comprehension?

Answer: They are syntax constructions.

Q12. What is namespace in Python?

Answer: I do not remember Sir.

Q13. Why lambda forms in python lack statements?

Answer: Sorry Sir.

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Q14. OK. What is an iterator?

Answer: They are used for iterating a group of elements.

Q15. Please give an example.

Answer: I don’t know Sir.

Q16. What is slicing?

Answer: It is done to select a range of items from a string.

That is how my interview went. I could have arrived better prepared, especially in Python. I am still trying to crack this placement test. I will keep trying until I crack it. Someone advised me that patience is the key. Hope my TCS fresher interview experience for Asst Software Engineer helps you prepare well. All the best!



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