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This is my TCS interview experience during a recent campus drive. My TCS Software Engineer interview took place in my college as it was an on-campus drive conducted by the University. The package being offered for the position was 3.5 lakhs per annum. I did not get selected. Please read my experience carefully to prepare flawlessly and crack your TCS interview process with flying colors.

Company: TCS  

Profile: Software Developer / Assistant System Engineer

Salary: 3.5 Lakh

Number of rounds: 3

Result: I wasn’t selected

Name: Sadik Attar

My interview at TCS for software developer as a fresher

The on-campus interview took place in my college as I mentioned earlier. The TPO of my placement office helped us bring the company on-campus and hire deserving candidates in bulk.


About TCS as a company


Tata Consultancy Services Limited, popularly known as TCS, is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions company. Today the company has a presence across 46 nations with headquarters in Mumbai. Also, TCS is No. 1 Indian IT company according to a survey.

TCS recruitment Process for freshers

Freshers have to clear 4 rounds to get selected as software engineers in TCS. The designation offered to candidates who crack the interview successfully is Assistant System Engineer. These rounds are:
## Written Round
## Technical Round
## Managerial Round
## HR Round

Questions asked in TCS


In the written round, quantitative aptitude-based questions are asked. This round also has a second part which is the programming or coding test. Last but not the least is the English or business communications test, wherein candidates need to draft an official Email.

In the technical interview round, one can expect questions on any topic. Those with clear basics can easily crack the round. Just prepare Data structures, Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Networking and OOPS concepts, in advance. Also be prepared to write code snippets for the interviewing panel, during the interview. They will give you pen and paper to do the same as candidates are not allowed to carry anything inside the interview venue.

In the managerial round, stress and behavior of a candidate are tested. Some candidates might face another round of technical questions post this round. A few lucky students might get directly sent to the HR round, like some of my friends. Most of these direct entrants received spot offer letters.

In the final round or the HR round, personal questions will be asked. Candidates can prepare commonly asked HR interview questions and answers to crack this round.

Note: Eligibility to sit for TCS placement interview is tough. Those with an 8.5 CGPA or 80% consistently can appear for the verbal section i.e. email writing directly. Those with a rank under 1000 in CodeVita round 1 can skip the written test completely and appear directly for interviews.

TCS interview experiences

Preparing well in advance will help candidates crack the TCS Software Engineer interview. In order to know the TCS interview pattern, it is advisable to read detailed TCS interview experiences from previous years.

Sample TCS interview questions and answers (updated in Apr 2019)

Below are some sample questions asked in a TCS interview for the position of Assistant System Engineer.
## What are your strengths and weaknesses?
## Tell me about yourself.
## Why should I hire you?
## Why do you want this job?
## What are your hobbies?
## Are you motivated?
## What makes you angry?

Technical questions asked commonly in TCS placement interiew## Simple java or C code snippets

## Check if the door is open or closed.
## Sell me a pen.
## Extract the number from the string.
## Number of open doors/windows in this room.
## What are the four basic principles of OOPS? Answer: Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism.

## What is inheritance? Answer: It refers to inhering the data members and properties of a parent class to a child class.
## Linked list insertion.
## Binary search.
## How would you find the second largest salary in table?
## Prefix and Postfix.
## What is a spanning tree?
## Explain 3NF?
## What is friend function?
## What is the difference between classes and interface?
## What are loops? Answer: Loops execute blocks of statement several times in a program depending upon the conditional statement.

## What does static variable mean?
## Difference between C++ and Java
## List different advantages of DBMS. Answer: Data security, better data integration, minimized data inconsistency, improved data access, etc.

How to apply for an software engineer fresher’s position in TCS?

Approach your college’s training and placement office for immediate assistance. You can also apply individually for off-campus drives that are available in Firstnaukri.

All the best for placement season.

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You can also contribute your detailed placement interview experience here.


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