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Sakshi NewNAME: Sakshi Gupta
ROLE THAT YOU INTERVIEWED FOR: Assistant Software Engineer



Please mention your remarks on the Application Form. (Questions, Qualification details)
*Application form had basic information about the candidate, eligibility, certificates, marks in X, XII, G and was to be filled and submitted online.
Please mention your remarks on the Group Discussion process. (Topic, Duration, No. of Members)
No Group Discussion
Please mention your remarks on the Written Test process.
*The written process comprised of questions related to Aptitude, Reasoning, email Write-up, Invitation write-up, questions related to Database, OS, Networking, C, Java.
Level was 50% average, 20% easy, 30% were answerable if you know basics and left with time.

What went right for you at different stages of the process?
It was my first interview and I used to practice for that, how I will speak and look(mirror practice), I used to take my interview myself and used to talk to myself 😉 . It was the first one and I had heard that if interviewer stands and shake hands with you than you made it man!!!   So, I wanted that.
I prepared for basics of my subjects: DBMS, OS, DSA, Java, C/C++, Networking. My top favorite subjects were Networking and DBMS.
For Aptitude I prepared RS aggarwal, Campus Commune and previous drives’ questions from Indiabix, m4maths etc. As the questions repeats from the same set.(Lucky if ;P )

I would like to mention the stages of Interview process hereI must say I did it what I expected and yes was happy and after that I got selected in Infosys, Nucleus Software, Alcatel-Lucent. So, the initial spark if ignited properly then the world is yours man!!!  
Dream big and Do big!!! The levels were:
1)Aptitude: I went through previous drives questions, RS aggarwal for Apti and Reasoning, faced some mocks online and college practice. I didn’t try to do 100% paper but my aim was to clear cut off and “Kitna bhi attempt kru, vo 100% correct answers hone chiye”. I attempted those questions first which I knew I will do it correctly. This helped me to manage my time and marks. I CLEARED.

2) Verbal Elimination Round: To write an email for invitation of team lunch on the success of Project delivery. Given: phrases to use in the mail. In this mainly the parser that they use is a software and it checks >>if you have used all the phrases>>grammer used is correct form of verbs. Time is short so you need to write by cool mind. Don’t get nervous.
3) Technical Interview: 30 minutes
I had chosen to wear blazer and trouser(Well it was an all new look)-I mentioned already I wanted to do best in every context  . You need to loog descent but professional as you are entering in corporate world. Looking at you dressing sense, your way of talking and entering the room reflects your personality.
ME: Opened the door slowly. May I come-in sir(The interviewer was 50+ person. I think he was a south Indian, My voice was very polite and in respected manner. I was having interview file in my hand and a pen.)

Sir: Oh yes yes. Come Come. I greeted him (Good Evening Sir).He was having my application form opened online on his system. They give the grades there. He looked into it and asked me Sakshi?

Me: Yes Sir, Sakshi Gupta. Hello Sir.
Sir: Hi Sakshi, take your seat. (I said Thank you Sir. My face was smiling. To be frank a little bit nervous- but I must say, that nervousness should be there because it prevents over confidence to enter your mind  ) The sign of nervousness 2% was not reflecting at all with my behavior.
Sir: How are you Sakshi? How was the day(my interview was in the evening 5:30 p.m.)?
Me: I am fine Sir. Feeling amazed and happy that I am facing my life’s first interview. Day is awesome sir, as my journey is beginnig today.
Sir: Ohh wow. High expectations Girl. So, tell me something about yourself. I am interested(He said that by looking at me and relaxed on his chair, as if “soch rhe ho, abhi leta hu tri, badii khush h 😛 😛 )
Me: Yes Sir, My name is Sakshi Gupta. I am from Delhi. I did my schooling from———-. College——– percentage aggregate————– my belief— thought about life. I spoke for 2-3 minutes, but he was listening and listening. I paused but then again continued as he was interested(may be noticing, how long I can speak and describe myself). Then I started my technical fields awards etc. ( but I was noticing him because I need to stop after watching his expressions—“bolte hi nhi jaaa tha, napaa tulaa hi bolna tha”.
Sir: Good. Ok So you have presented research paper on MANET. What was that?
Me: Explained
Sir: Great. So you like networking. What are your favourite subjects?
Me: Sir, Database and networking.
Sir: Can you choose only one?
Me: Sir………… 1 seconds pause(intentionally) Networking.
Sir: Are you sure? Because I will ask then?
Me: (andar se laddooo foot re the ki yr networking m kch b puchlo sir, kya bolu). Yes sir SURE. No problem. I am ready.
Sir: He started asking private, public networks. He asked one practical question for assigning IPs in my college labs. OSPF, RIP protocols. Why this came when this protocol was there(hierarchy). What is the minimum hop count for RIP?
Me: answered patiently by confidence and he was convinced that the girl has knowledge. He was shaking his head continuously and started smiling and set some grades on his system.
Sir: Ok Ok. Then he asked Java, C++, Database questions, Joins.
Me: Answered patiently, the questions were basic. I presented whatever I knew precisely(no ghumaana)

Sir: Ok wait, I am doing something in my system. Meanwhile can you tell your hobbies?

Me: started…… I like mimicry, singing and listening sufi and slow romantic songs.
Sir: (He looked at me listening to “Sufi” word). OOOhh… can you sing for me- sufi song. I said yes sir. He said “Murshid khele Holi” . (I was thinking- bhai ye konsa h?????? :O ) I said sir I guess I am not able to recall, if you could say the tune. Hahaha.. Sir started murmuring but huh, I was unable to recall. I said sir I can give it a try for Slow romantic or other sufi song. He said no, I want this one only.
Me: Sir, no worries I will listen it after going from here and will sing in the next round 😉 for sure and only for you Sir. Promise.
Sir: hahahaha.. Ok.. Sing then any song.
Me: (At that time Ashiqui2 song I liked, so sang 😛 Hum tere bin… ).
Sir: You sing really well. You can take it to some level some day.
Me: Thank you sir. Whenever I feel alone or stressed I sing song for myself.
Sir: It was a good experience Sakshi, I am looking forward for your TCS joining, we will enjoy your working and I am confident, you will set new benchmarks. He stood and did hand-shake. I was teary eyed but somehow controlled and was……(Thanking to God and hence believed that I waited for this moment and I got It) .
He said All the best Ladki. You will go a long way. Good luck.
Me: Thanks a ton Sir, Your words are precious and you don’t know sir what they mean to me. I promise wherever you will see me, you will proudly say that I interviewed and selected this girl.
Sir: Take Care. He was also happy. I guess 😛
I came out of the room and was laughing and smiling. I roamed on the whole corridor. All teachers and students were looking at me and asking “kya khilaa diya andar”. I said bas hogya ab mera… mazaa agya.. selection ka pata nhi.. but haath milaaana tha and vo mil gya mujhe.    yoooooooooooooooooo..
4) HR: (10 minutes)
It was basic and asked why do you want to join TCS and all. Giving the summary.
After my technical interview I was happy and relieved that It is my cup of tea.
Me: May I come in Sir. Greeted and sit.
Sir: How was your technical interview? You enjoyed the day?
Me: (expected because they update the grades online and forward it to next level). I said “Excellent Sir, I give my 100%”. The experience made my day today.
Sir: Smiled Ohh really. That’s great. Sakshi, Why do you want to join TCS?
Me: I totally gave a different answer, would like to share with you, but please use it after seeing the situation(if favourable and remarks are good of previous round).
My answer: TCS…. Big name… Sir, a frank answer. I listened TATA word from my childhood, from tata salt to tata NANO and always used to admire that it is such a big company. When I entered my life so heard that TCS comes to recruit you, all my memories freshened up and Sir I am confident that I will get the environment here for my development. The voice is from inner soul- “I want to become part of TATA and my sector allows me for TCS)
Sir: laughing, well that was completely a frank answer. You didn’t say anything about revenue and all statistics.
Me: (I thought.. hmmm… so you want to test, if I have noticed that or missed..) Sir I know that…. I counted stats on revenue, hiring, projects in market.
Sir: You have done your homework. I am satisfied. Ok suppose there is a mobile app on your mobile so as a user what are your expectations.
Me: gave 5 reasons and then he stopped(age fulfill, UI, friendly, response time, OS, mobile)
Sir: Ok. Hope to see you soon. Thanks For coming
Me: My pleasure Sir.
4) MR: (10 minutes)I faced the first female. There were two.I entered, may I come-in mam.
Mam: yes come in Sakshi. Sit(I greeted both)
Me: Thank you mam.
Mam: So you look confident?
Me: I have given my 100% today mam and previous rounds were satisfactory as per my expectations. So feeling good.
Mam: smiled  That’s great!!! Define Sakshi.
Me: First I give Sakshi word meaning then as a person – my strengths and traits.
Mam: Can you give 5 strengths of yours and support them by an example of your real life?
Me: Answered, she was satisfied.
Mam: You weakness. Please don’t tell like other candidates, I am bored, just give the answer frankly(not like common answers which students prepare).
Me: Mam, I have weakness but soon I overcome it, I love to work upon it and try to divert it to my strength.
Mam: currently you don’t have any weakness, how is this possible?
Me: I have mam, but I have got the solution for that. I get angry whenever I see injustice around me to the common people, who can’t help themselves. I get angry on this corrupt system and politicians. Because of this, sometimes I chose to be alone and distract myself from work. So, I am trying to balance it. Now, I have understood that I need to become capable and then I will bring the change. Only in thoughts I can’t change.  Now, I work with double dedication and divert my negative energy towards positive and something fruitful.
Mam: Throw some light on your college life, how you started and what you achieved?
Me: Explained levelwise.
Mam: She smiled and said “Nice journey”. It was great meeting you Sakshi.
Me: Pleasure all mine mam, thank you 
Mam: Take care. All the best 
NOTE: Never give your weakness that can harm someone/not in favour of company like liar, never trust anyone or easily trust , because it gives negative impact.
What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?
I didn’t knew Sufi Song. That % was left I guess.  😛
I handled the questions and reacted as per interviewer mood. If you follow this strategy, then your wrong steps can result in fruitful result. No mater you know the answer or not, but how you handle, you eagerness to learn things, your dedication, efforts are noticed.

What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?
I was asked at HR level to ask the question:

I asked about the training process of TCS and the allotment is on what basis. The star performer award. Transparency level in judging the performance of the individual.
Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:
Just do with full confidence. This is not the question of life, so take it easy.
Do your nest and let God do the rest. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer. Be honest but remember to present yourself in the best way.
“YOU NEED TO SELL YOURSELF”. Keep smiling face in the whole interview process and calmly an patiently listen to interviewer and think for 30 seconds and answer precisely. Remember: You will Rock it as you are far better than many others because you are sitting before the interviewer and that moment will the one for whom you were waiting  
SRK: kehte h kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kaynaat use tumse milaane mein lg jaati h… Agar hum chahe to kuch bhi kar skte h.. kuch bhi  

Interviewer tumhari na le.. tum uski lo.. So be clear with your basic subjects,concepts and you will come out with whatever you want.
We face a lot of hurdles in our real lives but never panic. We fight and win. Then the placement interviews are much less than that level, so there is no need to panic or nervous.
JEET jayenge hum, You have your parents blessings, your hard work with you. God is with you. No worries.
“Difficulties come to test you how difficult you are”
“Rock your life, live it kyuki “kal ho na ho”, jo jeee lo vhi tumhaara h Dost. 😉 😉


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