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Software Developer

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Company Name: Tau labs
Profile: Software Developer
Salary: 3.4Lakhs Per annum
Name : Mayur Choudhary

There were 5 rounds in the interview process. However I was unable to clear the technical interview which was 3rd round.

First round consisted of Aptitude + Technical test.After that we had a programming round and then a technical interview round. Each round was of limited time so we had to be very much aware of time as
I feel that there were more question and less time to attempt.

Technical skills like oracle (sql/ plsql), C were tested. My overall experience was very good. I got to know what type of questions are asked in an interview process.

I would like to recommend Made Easy book for Aptitude and .Let us C – Henry for Technical preparation.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes