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Candidate Expectation by a Startup

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Company Name: Tau Labs
Profile: Developer
Salary: 3.4 Lakhs Per annum
Name: Himanshi Verma

There were six rounds. First round was aptitude test , Second was programming round, Third was technical interview, fourth was programming again, fifth tech interview and sixth HR. I was out in 4th round

Details of Interview rounds:

2) PROGRAMMING ROUND- I was given four questions –
(a) To find second largest element in an array in single pass
(b) To find nth element from last in linked list
(c) To find middle element of linked list in single pass
(d) To convert decimal to hexadecimal.

3) TECH INTERVIEW- I was given a problem to solve – A program to reverse the words in a sentence

As this company is a Startup, they were looking for candidates with excellent programming and technical skills.

I was not selected for the fourth round. Key skills like coding, database were tested.
It was good learning experience. Be yourself and you have to be super good in your programming skills to crack the interview process.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes