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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 19, 2020

Stepping into the job market for the first time? It is natural to feel nervous. More than that, it is alright to feel so. Every 7 out of 10 job seekers feel so while taking their first steps into the corporate world.

Just make sure you have got everything in your arsenal to target right opportunities for the right career growth. There are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful job search process. In this article, we have created a complete checklist to help the first timers like you to be job ready.

1. Get your resume in place
A professional resume will help you hold the recruiters’ attention and will get you the interview calls. Don’t consider your resume as just a regular document. It is your ticket into the professional world. It not only speaks about who you are, what you’ve done; it also brief recruiters about you aspire and bring on table for them.

You can now make the most of Firstnaukri Resume Maker and create your perfect resume in minutes.

Tip: Don’t use a fancy email address with informal words like ‘hot, cute, cool, funky’, etc. on your CV. If you don’t have a good ID to proceed with, first create that. Try to follow a <firstname.lastname> format.

2. Post your resume
Since you are done with Step 2, let’s move further. While you’re reading this, the very first option that will strike you will surely be the job portals. They are definitely the places to be at primarily because they have recruiters or companies hiring. They connect you with the employers looking for talent like you. Don’t think twice. Once you are done with a nice looking professional CV, go and post it on these portals. Tip: Do let your friends and family know about your job search and share your CV with them. You never know where the opportunity comes from.

3. Apply to Jobs
After you have registered on job portals and have posted your CV, the next and the most important is to look out for jobs now. Type in keywords, see what kinds of jobs are available for you and start applying. Don’t apply to random jobs. Read the job descriptions matching your qualifications and skills, and then apply. You will have a better chance of conversions. Perform research on the company and role.

Tip: Keep your resume updated all the time and you must complete your profile on these job portals.

4. Prepare for job interviews
Now move to the next step. Start preparing for job interviews. Pick up the most common interview questions answers. Since it is not possible for any of us to predict what can be asked during a job interview, the best starting point is the common questions that have a high probability of being asked.

First most, create an elevator pitch that describes who you are, what you do and what you aspire in a minute, as that’s the first question in 90% job interviews. Other interview questions to prepare are:

  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself 2 years down the line?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What makes you the right candidate for this role?
  • Tell us about yourself

Importantly, also prepare for a telephone interview. In most case, you will receive a call from the hiring manager or the HR who will assess your skills and take your candidature ahead for the next rounds.

Tip: Never cram the answers to the job interview questions. Now you can create your personalized job interview answers with Firstnaukri PIQA.

5.  Conduct mock interviews
Just like public speaking, practicing interviews can help you boost your confidence. It may feel daunting first but will make you comfortable during the actual interview. Ask you friends or seniors to conduct mock interviews for you. You may also practice before a mirror. The more you repeat your interview, the more confident you’ll be during the real thing.

Tip: Remember it is just an interview. Don’t be too anxious. All you have to do is to ensure giving the bets of your abilities and leave the rest! Hope you’ve found these tips useful to start your job search process. We’d love to hear what you’re going to change in your job search after reading this article. Do share your comments with us.

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