200+ Social Issue Topics For Group Discussion

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Social issue topics are an integral part of the group discussion round in any job selection process. Social issue GD topics for freshers are a way to test their communication skills and see how acclimatized the candidate is to his/her surroundings. In this article, we have collated more than 200 social issue group discussion topics to help freshers as well as MBA college applicants prepare for upcoming group discussion rounds. These are the latest social issue topics for the placement season this year. Ace your GD round with these topics by skimming through all of them one by one. Prepare answers and pointers for all the social issue topics given below.

  1. Indian television – Where is it leading?
    1. Indian television is contributing immensely to bring about a social change. Today, its not just about soap operas or reality shows that Indian television is offering to the viewers. For instance, there are shows on social and behavior change communication initiatives, there are stories revolving around deep-seated social prejudices and regressive norms, there are programs addressing child marriage, prenatal care and family planning etc. But Indian television needs more such content and more socially relevant shows.
  2. Examinations are killing education.
    1. I would beg to differ with the topic here. The issue is not examinations but the pattern of exams are actually killing education. The test patterns do not actually evaluate ac child’s true IQ level and capabilities. Its only a test of memory and encourages cramming. Its not the right way to evaluate a student academically. There is very little practical know-how among students. The solution is to set question papers which test a student’s understanding of the subject and not his/her memory.
  3. Is co-education a boon or a bane?
    1.  Co-education is a boon and not a bane. If designed in a good way, it installs the value of gender equality from a very young age, offering a level playing ground for children to mingle and compete healthily. A mixed class also helps students develop mutual respect and teaches them how to survive in the real outside world. Such a system also promotes a controlled environment.
  4. Higher education in India needs to be restructured.
    1. I agree with the topic and would like to speak for it. Re-engineering the education system atleast across institutes of higher education is a must. Education in a country like India contributes immensely to the overall development and lays the foundation for a better tomorrow. By the year 2025, India will be amongst the youngest nations in the world with 140 million people in college. 1 in every 4 graduates globally would be a product of the Indian educational system. So its high time we revamped the higher education system of India. 
  5. Physical education should be made compulsory in schools.
    1. Sports promotes health and the over all well-being of a child. Sports also further encourages physical activity and fights underage obesity as well as other lifestyle diseases among children. Hence, it should be made compulsory in schools.
  6. Reservation for women in higher education.
    1. I’d like to speak against the topic. Women are not a minority in India. Providing reservation would categorize them as an endangered lot. Also a broad glance at the wide gender gap in education makes people vote for reservation. But that is not a practical approach as reservation might become a tool in the hands of politicians who would turn it into a vote bank game. Moreover, a quota will divert us from the real issue, which is establishing gender inequality. A basic education for all, especially the downtrodden, would be a much better approach. 
  7. Right to education is a success or a failure?
    1. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE Act) states all children between the ages 6 and 14 have the right to elementary education (classes 1 to 8) in a neighboring school. It is a somewhat successful project in India and the RTE is a ground breaking piece of legislation. It is the current government’s pro development platform and it is important that everyone must support the same. Recent studies have shown that private schools attendance accounts for only about 30% which leaves the remaining 70% school students at the mercy of government schools. These are inadequate, with abysmal teaching staff and poor infrastructure. The day RTE solves these grass root level problems with common sense and strong economics, this program will become successful.
  8. How can literacy change people’s lives? Share examples.
    1. Literacy is instrumental in improving peoples lives. It opens the doors to economic opportunities, boosts self-esteem and empowerment, renders measurable benefits for health and safety, and strengthens a person’s relationships and engagement.
  9. ‘Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao’ is a success.
    1. Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao is the Government’s effort to change the mindset of people and make it a more female-centric society. The campaign focusses on women empowerment and girl child rights. After the launch of this campaign, the sex ratio is about 950 females per 1000 males. Schools and colleges have better infrastructure so that more girls can study further to fulfil their dreams. I would like to add further that “When you educate a man, you educate a man but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation”.
  10. Compulsory yoga in schools.
    1. Practicing yoga promotes wellness, develops body-mind awareness and also instills the ability to nurture the well being of the teachers and students. Making it compulsory will instill a habit among children to practice yoga daily, even in their adulthood.
  11. Who pays the price of terrorism?
    1. Terrorism is a menace globally. As the citizens of India and of the globe, we face loss of property and life every year due to terrorism. India suffers the most due to terrorism, especially the people living in areas close to Pakistan’s border. A recent spurt in terrorist activities across the globe has raised concerns about efficiency on governance, social connectivity, and also a question on the motive of terrorists. It is us, commoners, who ultimately pay the price of terrorism and no one else.
  12. Is ethnic cleansing essential?
  13. What is the role of women in war?
  14. Ownership of stolen antiques.
  15. Military training should be made compulsory in schools and colleges.
  16. School children should be allowed to use mobile phones – Yes or No.
  17. Mobile phones should be banned in offices.
  18. Capping on wedding expenses is unfair.
  19. Child marriages in India.
  20. Child labor in India is a menace.
  21. What’s wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day and other western festivals?
  22. Brain drain has to be stopped immediately.
  23. We are producing a generation of burnt out youngsters?
  24. Are Indian women capable of handling more stress?
  25. Are Indian women better managers than men?
  26. Is India safe for women?
  27. #Metoo – better late than never.
  28. Arranged marriages vs. love marriages.
  29. Gender neutral parental leave – Pros and Cons.
  30. There is nothing wrong in live-in relationships.
  31. Secularism is a myth in India.
  32. Bloating refugee crisis across the globe.
  33. Forced migration and Rohingya issue.
  34. Despite a large population, India lacks knowledge power.
  35. How to tackle India’s growing population?
  36. Indifference to ideas challenging national unity can be disastrous.
  37. Nationalism vs regionalism.
  38. Adopt ‘Son of the soil’ approach in recruitment.
  39. Bureaucrats should not be allowed to join political parties.
  40. Distribution of freebies during elections should be banned.
  41. Public’s perception of police is 100% wrong.
  42. Retirement homes – pros and cons.
  43. Religion is a private affair.
  44. Religious places should not have gender specific rules.
  45. CCTV cameras in public places is a breach of privacy. Yes or No.
  46. In the world of tough competition, corruption is unavoidable.
  47. Doctors dealing in illegal human body part-business should be severely punished.
  48. Excessive use of electronic gadgets is causing ADD (attention deficit disorder) in children.
  49. Expensive quality is better than cheap trash.
  50. Gambling/betting should be legalized in India.
  51. Lift ban on smoking in public places.
  52. Indian television is headed no where.
  53. Poiticians do not deserve Padma Awards.
  54. Rural placements of doctors should be compulsory.
  55. Lesser number of females in politics.
  56. Corruption is the price we pay for democracy.
  57. Ultimate Political solution for India.
  58. Social Security in India.
  59. Can India become the next superpower?
  60. Can reservation in institutions be shown as an area of social responsibility?
  61. Should reservations be based on social status or caste?
  62. Capitalism is flawed but other systems are much worse.
  63. Centre-State relations in India.
  64. Globalization is a threat to Indian Culture.
  65. End of globalization in India.
  66. Indian culture is decaying fast and will perish in no time.
  67. Is our government’s administration poor?
  68. Farmer suicides in India has to be controlled.
  69. Now to tackle naxalism.
  70. Is Euthanasia morally acceptable?
  71. Is India a superpower in making?
  72. Is India moving towards food insecurity?
  73. Is India really a secular country?
  74. Politicization and Commercialization of sports – reality or fake?
  75. Politics and Religion should definitely go hand in hand.
  76. Politics is a necessary evil.
  77. Domestic violence and its effects on children.
  78. Speak about the effect of political turmoil on domestic violence.
  79. Rampant criminalization of politics in India.
  80. Voters, not, politicians are responsible for criminalization of politics.
  81. Eve teasing is a punishable offence – Yes or No.
  82. Stalking cases are at an all time high in India.
  83. Inflation and its social effects.
  84. Issues and challenges faced by single mothers (and fathers) in India.
  85. Gender bias has impacted the lives of people around us.
  86. Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?
  87. Beauty pageants should be banned.
  88. Social Tools are becoming a social challenge rather than an aid.
  89. Higher pay does not ensure removal of corruption.
  90. Mental illness in India.
  91. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  92. Do celebrities have more freedom of speech than a common man?
  93. Freedom of expression should have a limit.
  94. Are celebrities treated unjustly by media?
  95. Trial by media should be banned.
  96. Fake news – impacts the society deeply.
  97. Pros and cons of the Indian digital revolution.
  98. Politics and Religion should not be mixed.
  99. What is casteism?Describe the impact it has had on people’s lives in India.
  100. What should be the right age of Politicians to serve the nation?
  101. Does crime increase with income?
  102. Death penalty can deter crime against children and women, esp. rape.
  103. Crime against women in India.
  104. Crime against children in India.
  105. Rising crimes against women.
  106. Marital rape should be criminalized in India.
  107. Decriminalization of homosexuality in India – Pros and Cons.
  108. Indian workplaces do not deal with sexual harassment seriously.
  109. Article 377 is a boon or a bane?
  110. What are the stereotypes used towards LGBT people in India?
  111. What do you feel about the treatment given to the Indian LGBT community?
  112. What is your take on teen pregnancy? How can young girls be sensitized against it?
  113. Live-in relationships in India.
  114. Discrimination in the society.
  115. Animal research is a moral crime.
  116. How to control stray animals from breeding?
  117. Mob lynching in India should be an instantly punishable offence.
  118. Regional Politics: Boon or Bane for India?
  119. Relevance of democracy.
  120. Religion and secularism can coexist.
  121. Religion should not be a center stage in a secular state?
  122. Reorganization of states in India.
  123. Reservation in the private sector.
  124. Reservation of jobs for local people.
  125. Job vs entrepreneurship.
  126. Unemployment in India.
  127. Drug abuse among Indian children.
  128. How to fight drug menace among Indian youth.
  129. Impact of gaming apps, dating apps and video games on youth.
  130. Should Business Houses finance elections?
  131. Should capital punishment be scrapped?
  132. Should donations to political parties be exempted from Income tax?
  133. Should Gandhigiri be adopted by young generation?
  134. Information overload due to media and internet.
  135. Thanks to internet, our privacy has gone for a toss. Yes or no?
  136. How to deal with increasing cyber crimes?
  137. Why is molestation prevalent in India?
  138. Social media trolling is a menace.
  139. Social media and its impact on human mind-set and Indian society at large.
  140. Social media has impaired face-to-face conversation to a great extent.
  141. Should India role back the economic stimulus package?
  142. Is it time to replace Mahatma Gandhi’s photo from currency notes?
  143. Should Indian politicians be evaluated for their political skills before nomination? If yes, how?
  144. Should youth be engaged in politics?
  145. Youth empowerment is a need of the hour.
  146. The Third Front: Importance in Indian Politics.
  147. Reservation for women in jobs.
  148. Status of women in India.
  149. Men are the silent sufferers of modern world.
  150. Need for a ‘national commission for men’ in India.
  151. Turmoil in Pakistan: a threat to India.
  152. Can world peace ever be achieved?
  153. Why is Norway the happiest country?
  154. Is India the unhappiest country in the world?
  155. Environment concern- how grave is it?
  156. Hyper tourism is causing major environmental damages in India.
  157. How to improve tourism in India?
  158. Villages are the pride of India.
  159. City vs village – which is better?
  160. Socialism in India.
  161. What India needs now is Dictatorship.
  162. What should be done to uplift status of Muslims?
  163. While working in a corporate firm, can you contribute towards the development of the society?
  164. India is still a backward nation.
  165. Women’s quota increases gender disparity.
  166. Reservation for the poor or economically weak segment should get priority over everything else.
  167. Pending cases in Indian courts – Ways to resolve.
  168. Water Pollution in India – A huge menace.
  169. Access to drinking water in third world countries.
  170. Women in Indian politics – empowerment or tokenism.
  171. Whistle Blowers are disloyal agents.
  172. Government school dropouts – how to stop?
  173. Make a case against bullies and discuss some of its effects.
  174. The Great Indian Telecom Revolution.
  175. Has feminism evolved over years?
  176. We are corrupt because we are poor.
  177. Only poor people are responsible for their poverty.
  178. Gender Equality.
  179. Corruption means lack of integrity. Do you agree?
  180. Relevance of family run business.
  181. Joint family vs nuclear family.
  182. Appropriate age for adulthood is 18, 21 or 25 years?
  183. Problems unite us, religions divide us.
  184. Celebrities have a responsibility towards promoting products or endorsing them.
  185. National heroes are created and destroyed by government.
  186. Dowry system in India is curtailed only in law and not practically.
  187. Judiciary reforms in India – the law needs a major revamp.
  188. Artistic expression should be monitored by a governing body or by law.
  189. Ways to prevent cyber-crime in India.
  190. Movies or motion pictures encourage crime and social evils.
  191. Impact of movies on Indian youth.
  192. Objectifying women in Indian movies / cinema / motion pictures should be stopped.
  193. Nepotism persists in Bollywood / Indian movie industry.
  194. Plight of mental illness in India.
  195. Narrowing the gap between rich and poor in India.
  196. Surrogacy regulation bill is a boon or bane?
  197. Some of the biggest problems India is facing.
  198. Adultery should be criminalized.
  199. Does India actually need statue installations worth hundreds of thousands of crores?
  200. Technology is creating income inequalities.
  201. Obesity in urban areas is causing a major hindrance in social life.

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