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Be Confident!!!

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Profile: Software engineer
Salary: 4 Lakh

It was a pool campus recruitment and we went with a great zeal for attending the process.

There were two round in the interview process. For technical test round one we were given only one question and had to write down the plausible solution for the question.
I followed a strategy of being simple and straight, attempted the question and wrote the solution with least possible time complexity.
They tested our c++ technical skills, along with our ability to think.

I was surprised that even after writing the correct solution for the question I was not selected for the second technical round. So I feel that the selection process should be transparent as sometimes student feel cheated when they are not selected even after putting their best.

According to me candidates should visit for all the latest tech and gadget news and also Magento course can be helpful in cracking interview process.

Last but not the least You should be confident in whatever you know .

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes