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Retail On software developer placement experience

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Company: Retail On

Profile: Software developer

Salary: 4 Lacs per Annam

Interview Date: Oct 2015

Name: Piyush Rawat

I wasn’t selected.

There were two rounds of interview.

Heading – Brief, one line advice/strategy/experience snapshot – It was pool campus recruitment and we went with a great zeal there, but I was not selected for the tech round two.

Advice: Selection process should be transparent, sometimes student feel cheated, when they are not selected even after putting their best.

Please give brief description of each Round: There was only one question in the technical test round one, where we had to write down the plausible solution for the question.

Please describe your overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round: I wasn’t through for the second round, but for the first round I followed a strategy of being simple and straight, I attempted the question and wrote the solution with least possible time complexity.

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company: You should be confident in whatever you know.

Key skills tested in the process: They tested our C++ Technical Skills, along with our ability to think.

Your motivation for applying: Not any self-motivation. I am self-motivated person.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: Weird thing during the process was that even after writing the correct solution for the question, I was not selected.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes