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Resume Writing Tips for Freshers: How to Add Extracurricular Activities

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As a fresh graduate, adding important information such as academics and extra-curricular activities plays a crucial role to make it meaningful for recruiters. At the time of hiring freshers, employers focus on selecting candidates who not only have a strong educational background but also are a perfect fit for the organization. Mentioning extracurricular activities is a way to highlight your strengths apart from education and grades.

However, how you present this information is crucial. Mentioning every little thing you did in your college doesn’t qualify to be a part of your resume. In this article, we will help you understand what type of extracurricular activities you should add in your resume to look like a “perfect” fit for the job.

Importance of adding extracurricular activities in your fresher resume

It is beneficial to mention relevant extracurricular activities as it helps you to demonstrate transferable skills to employers. For instance, if you have managed a college event, you can narrate how you showed leadership and team player skills in managing and leading a particular event in your college.

Here’s what you should consider when adding any extracurricular activity in your resume:

Employers look for quality and not quantity

Several fresh graduates think that it is good to mention as many activities as possible. However, quantity never trumps quality for employers who want to hire the best talent. Therefore, be selective in mentioning relevant activities that can be supported with any transferable skill and add value to your candidature. This will also help you to keep the length of your resume in check.

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Add activities that fit the job role

Be strategic in deciding what kind of activities best fit the job role you are applying for. For example, it can be noticeable for an employer to know if you have involved with any engineering club if you are applying for an engineering role. You can also add the skills you developed during your participation in such extracurricular activities. Employers also prefer graduates who showcase leadership skills during their college. Share if you organized a forum that helped other students to discuss a key issue.

Share volunteer experiences

Volunteering activities done for a cause are a great way to say that you love taking initiatives without a push from anyone and adds value to your resume. Employers see you as potential employees who will be ready to accept new responsibilities apart from regular job tasks. It is one of the key characteristics employers usually look for in freshers.

Use these extracurricular activities to demonstrate different transferable skills to employers. Fresh college graduates need to focus on their accomplishments in the form of what more you have learned during college apart from studies. Participating and adding job-relevant extracurricular activities thereby helps you to present yourself as a potential job candidate without even having any work experience.

#Bonus Tip: 

Don’t forget to polish your resume

Now once you know what important information you have to add in your resume, don’t forget to polish it off to make it look professional. If you need expert help to create an error-free resume, try the free resume builder tool by Firstnaukri and create an online resume in seconds. This online resume maker is designed specifically to help freshers in creating a perfect resume for a job. Try now.

All the best!

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