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Resume Writing Tips for College Students & Freshers

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For most people, writing a resume can be tedious as well as daunting. It may even look tougher to freshers or recent graduates with no work experience. Well, writing a CV is simple and all about presenting your academic and professional details in a nice formal layout.

Let’s help you write a resume from the scratch. Outlined below are resume writing tips to get you started

  • Select a resume format

You can choose among multiple resume formats that deems fit for your professional details. To begin with, you can go with the most recognizable resume format which is generally a chronological resume. It lists your details and experience from the latest to the oldest. It presents information in an easy to read and understand manner. You may choose from other available formats that are trending these days. Perform the other necessary steps to create a neat and presentable format:

  • Set one-inch margins on all four sides of your Microsoft Word document.
  • Choose a legible format that looks professional. Don’t go for large font size. Pick a 12 pt for headings and 11 pt for the bullets.
  • Next, create a resume header format to add your name, address, contact details, including your phone number and email ID.
  •  Create a resume summary

Start with jotting down all the necessary details – Educational Background, Internships or Projects, Professional Experience (if any), any Volunteer Work, Awards and Accolodaes, etc. Now, start with a nice professional summary that is usually mentioned as Executive Summary on resumes. The summary statement should come after your name and contact information. It should just be a gist and not narrate your entire life story. Here, add about your skills, GPA, and the skills that make you the right candidate for the position/industry you are applying to.

In a line or two, also mention about your short term career goals since you have just begun your career. This offers a stronger reason for students to add a qualification summary section to give a visibility into the skills they bring to the table.

  • Mention your academic qualification

Next, write about your education which is the most valuable piece of information in your resume and can hold the recruiters’ attention. When writing about it, add relevant data:

  • Course
  • College name
  • Key areas of study
  • GPA

You may also include your volunteer experience here, if any. This will help recruiters understand about your interests and skills. It is also done to support resumes that have little or no professional experience.

  • Add about your achievements

Next, you can add a section about your academic recognitions or achievements that have helped you earn awards and accolades. In this section, you can also add about your extra-curricular activities and volunteerships, if any.

  • Add a section about your skills

This section not only lets you add about your skills but also offers you a scope to add relevant keywords and optimize it to make your resume ATS (Application Tracking System) friendly. There are certain key qualities that recruiters look for. You can understand about them from the job description. Analyze it carefully and look out for the keywords that you must include in your resume. Go for them only if they match your skill set and profile. Never add any false information.

Adding skills lets recruiters see your potential and get a deeper understanding of what you can offer as a candidate. Make the most of this section to stand apart from the crowd. 

Now, you can also create your resume in just 5 minutes with the help of Firstnaukri Resume Maker. Our Resume maker tool will compile all your information in visually appealing designs and format and lets you download your resume in a PDF format without any watermark.

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4.50 avg. rating (87% score) - 2 votes