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Resume Tips: Make a Strong First Impression with your CV

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Resume Tips: Make a Strong First Impression with your CV

The main hope for a fresher job-seeker to get hired is to have better qualifications than other competing candidates. Other than that, truthfulness, confidence, individuality and originality exhibited by a jobseeker are some other qualities of interview success. When these are coupled with some great resume tips, they can give a fresher sheer advantage over the rest of the crowd. So it’s time to boast your skills aloud in your resume or CV as a fresher and eventually land that much awaited first job.

Here are some amazing resume tips, CV writing tricks, hacks and advice, to make recruiters come to you!

First Resume with No Work Experience (Examples & Guide)

First Resume with No Work Experience (Examples & Guide)

Resume Tip 1: Stand out in a crowd, but how?

In 2020 and beyond, your resume is your tool to generate a great first impression. Here’s what you can do to make the most of it.

  1. Talk about facts

Use numbers, visual representations, and statistics. Add as much information as possible to make your efforts measurable and attention grabbing. Avoid unclear statements or vague terminologies. Provide a lot more information for potential employers to see and recognize your support and contribution towards your last company / during your project / or during your internship.

Resume Tip 2: Include an objective or summary statement at the beginning of your resume template

Add a single sentence about your skills, expertise and past positions (if any). Keep it clear and concise.

For example: I would like to see myself as [the position or designation name] as I feel my [education, expertise, and social or personal skills] will get utilized in a positive and efficient manner.

“To obtain a search engine marketing position in the ITES industry.”

“I am an Email marketing professional with 1 year of experience looking to transfer my skills into PPC and Advertising.”

In the statement above, and as shown in these examples, you need to insert what is specific to you and your own skills and job search.

Resume Tip 3: Include your address at the top.

Add your address and contact details (i.e. your mobile phone number and formal email address) to your résumé. It is advisable to add yours under your name. This will help employers see how distanced or appropriately positioned you are from their office or place of employment and put your cv in the top resume stack. In case you have a permanent and a local address, add both.

Resume Tip 4: Include a section for education and work experience

Top resumes are the ones that freshers tailor as per their skills, awards, volunteer experiences, internship experiences, and research/project works. You also need to choose what is most important for your career goals and what will portray you as an individual. Tailor your resume accordingly.


The university you attended is not as important as the knowledge you acquired there. Try to build focus around your degree or area of specialization. Your future employer will focus on your area of study as they would want to understand your focus area and how this can be applied in the future.

In case you are currently pursuing a degree, add your expected graduation date / passing out year. This adds transparency and allows employers to put it all into perspective.

Work Experience

Include all relevant internship or employment places. Mention the correct start and end date(s), and a small description of all your duties and skills. It is not as important to express your duties more so than it is to emphasize your accomplishments and promotions.

Resume Tip 4: Word/Websites have pre-formatted résumé templates for use

If you are too lazy to take the time to sit down and create your own résumé that is tailored to you, don’t sweat it. Many people do. In some cases, people don’t know where to start. If you are one of these people, don’t fret! Just search up résumé templates on Word or online and a gazillion will pop up! Just insert your information as you go! I tend to stay away from templates because it’s hard to add in certain things or change something I don’t like. I stick to making my own.

Not getting hired as a fresher? Try our online resume builder for free today. Register on Firstnaukri resume maker now and start creating professional resumes in minutes. Use these tailor-made CVs to apply to your dream first job!

All the best!


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