Resume hacks to land an interview during COVID-19

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Posted by FirstNaukri Aug 21, 2020

Are you looking for some quick resume tips to increase your chances of landing a job interview during these times? You are at the right place!

Usually, fresh college graduates spend several hours searching online about resume samples and tips that can help them create an impressive resume and get confused. However, some simple tips in this blog will help you in building a winning resume for freshers and start your job search like a pro.

A resume is not the only factor that helps you to score a job, but it surely helps you to get shortlisted for a job interview. However, clearing this first stage of the hiring process is the most difficult one for freshers to crack, as it requires the right approach to create a winning resume.

Read on to get some useful resume writing tips:

Resume Hack #1: Revamp your career objective

Don’t blindly follow the generic career objectives other job seekers have been following for years. During a tough job market, you need a captivating resume objective that captures not only ‘who you are’ and ‘what you are looking for’ but also ‘what you can offer’.

Today recruiters are more interested in shortlisting job seekers who focus on communicating clearly that what they can offer to the company they are willing to join. Therefore, make sure you convey these three points specifically in your career objective and make the first impression on your hiring manager.

Resume Hack #2: Keep your resume ATS friendly

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is your first challenge to pass the screening process and get shortlisted for a job interview. Almost every hiring manager uses this software today to shortlist candidates. Therefore, you should keep it in mind at the time of writing a resume for your job search.

ATS accepts a resume that includes keywords that a hiring manager wants to locate for a job role. So, never forget to add relevant keywords from the job description to increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

Resume Hack #3: Tailor-made your resume

Avoid sending a single resume for every job opening as this is one of the biggest mistakes you could commit. During the post-COVID situation, it becomes even more important to staying ahead of the competition with a customized resume.

As a fresher, keep your focus on highlighting the skills you developed during your college and internship. The idea is to showcase how you fit the job requirement and why you should be shortlisted.

Resume Hack #4: Keep it simple

Making your resume presentable and easier to comprehend is the biggest task for creating a professional resume. There are simple things you can do to keep your resume easy readable and presentable to a hiring manager.

Use bullet points and avoid paragraphs to present important highlights such as skills and achievements. Using bullets helps you to keep the space between important information and allow hiring managers to give it a glance. Also, instead of randomly picking any font style and size, stick to using professional fonts that are easier to read such as Arial 12.  

Resume Hack #5: Never forget to proofread

Errors such as typos, spelling, and incorrect grammar are the major turnoffs for any employer as it gives a message that you are too careless to proofread your resume. Of course, it also sends across a message that how serious you would be in performing your job responsibilities!

The best way to ensure your resume is error-free is by using a professional online resume maker tool that helps you to create an error-free professional resume in seconds and saves your time.

Try using these simple resume hacks and speed up your job search now.

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