Renault Nissan Chennai Interview Questions for GET

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Company: Renault Nissan Technology and Business Center India Pvt Ltd

Profile: GET (Quality Department)

Salary: 1,20,000/-

Place: Renault Nissan joint venture, Ascendas Tech Park, Mahindra World City, Chennai

Number of rounds: 4

Result: I got selected in this company

About the company Renault Nissan

The Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi is an alliance. It is a Franco-Japanese strategic partnership. It is between automobile manufacturers namely Renault from Paris, France, Nissan from Yokohama, Japan and Mitsubishi Motors from Tokyo, Japan. These three power houses sell over 1 in 9 cars across the globe.

Technical round interview questions asked in Renault Nissan Chennai GET Interview

I was asked to talk about my final year project work. I was also asked to speak about my areas of interest.

HR Interview Questions asked at Renault Nissan Chennai

1. Explain your role and work in your final year project?

2. What is your salary expectations?

3. Do you think you will be employed in the company and why?

4. Explain about yourself?

5. Explain about Achievement of Your life?

6. After 5years from present what you would be?

7. Brief about your short term and long-term goals

8. How do you know about our company and what are the major role in the company?


Tips to crack HR round at Renault Nissan Chennai graduate engineer trainee interview

Give honest answers. The interviewer can read your mind as they are experienced people. They have certain expectations from you, so meet them. Display patience and understand the question that is raised. Try to manage the situation to impress the panel members with a genuine answer.

Group Discussion round at Renault Nissan Chennai

We were given a topic to discuss about festivals of India. The topic of discussion was something around, “Should there be limitations on the way we Indians celebrate their religious festivals?” I presented my points in the following manner.

“Yes, there needs to be a regulation or check at certain levels. As the citizens of the country, we do not have any right to disturb the society, harm fellow humans and animals in the name of festival. It’s time to become responsible citizens, it’s time to grow up and take charge of our environment. In a polluted and dirty environment created by us, our future generations will not be able to survive, let alone celebrate festivals.”

Points presented by the others were in these lines:

No one has the right to regulate the way we celebrate our festivals. As the people of this nation, we enjoy certain fundamental rights. Ours is a democratic nation and celebrating our festival is our fundamental right. Our festivals are our way of expressing our joy and communal love. Please do not block them, otherwise our future generations will forget the importance of festivals of India and these will eventually become a part of the history books only.

Tips to crack GD round at Renault Nissan Chennai

As a candidate, this is a great chance to prove your oratory skills in Renault Nissan interview. Simply grab this opportunity as the last and only one. But also allow others to speak else you will for sure receive negative marking. Your speaking method, weightage of your points, speech clarity and delivery have to be crisp. Ensure that everyone else also gets a chance to speak. Speak to impress – that should be your motto in the Renault Nissan GD round.

Overall guidance to freshers for Renault Nissan campus placement

Following are some tips I would like to share with all the freshers out there who are prepping up to attend a placement interview test at Renault Nissan Chennai or any other automobile manufacturing company in India.
## Each and every round should be handled with care and with a very high level of patience.
## Open up in a manner to show that you have clearly understood the question. In case you didn’t, please don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat themselves.
## Respect and come forward to ensure that certain opportunities open up and they also get noticed.
## Your answers should be clear enough to make a strong point and ensure your footing in the discussion.
## During the interview, avoid using your mobile phone else you will get disqualified.
## Try to come in clean and ironed formal clothes.

Present yourself as a serious, simple and confident individual. Don’t be over confident and do not be a snob during the group discussion. Politely debate on points that are related to the topic and do not stray too far away from the crux. In case any one does so, pull them back into the discussion. Dominance only up to a certain level is acceptable, later it becomes a negative point, so beware. Also, do not speak unnecessarily in the Renault Nissan interview.

All the best to all of you juniors. Do well. Shine in the interview and show yourself as the rightful candidate in the Renault Nissan Chennai interview and campus placement drive.


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