Product Specialist Interview

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 17, 2015

Company: Vitek Medisystems
Profile: Product Specialist
Location: Mumbai

Interview Date: 26th December, 2014

The experience was amazing. I was scared before going for the interview. But once it started in the first round the interviewer made me very comfortable as he was having a friendly in talking and asking me about my family and qualifications. The strategy to follow is simple “Be confident and be true”. I followed these two things in both my round.
My first round was kind of a formal talk with the sales manager of the company. A friendly talk regarding my educational qualification and what I know about the company and the product.
Second round was a short one with the MD. I was asked some questions about the product and details of my qualification and a bit about my family. Then came the salary discussions, the rules and regulations etc.
Tips I give is to be true when you give an interview. They know when you tell a truth and when you lie as they got an experience of interviewing more than 100’s of candidates. You just need to be calm and answer what you know. If you don’t know something don’t blabber anything, just tell them that you don’t know about it and would like to know. From this they will think that you are eager to learn more. That’s a plus point for you in the interview.
Skills tested are usually:
– How well you speak.
– Your confidence level.
– How well you tackle problems.
– Your knowledge about the company.

By: Rohit Unnirajan


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