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Practo Interview Experience

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Company: Practo Technologies
Profile: Territory Manager
Salary: INR 5.4 LPA

The drive was a pool campus drive conducted at our campus itself.

# The first round was the “written test” comprising of 3 sections
1st section was the aptitude test section
2nd section was the logical ability section
3rd section was the business ability analysis section

There were around 1500 students who appeared for this campus drive. The test duration was of 1 hour and 30 mins i.e. 90 mins (30 mins for each section) and there were around 50 questions in each section
Our result was given in next 30 mins and I was shortlisted for the next round.

# The second round was the “group discussion” which I was facing for the first time ever in my life.
I was quite nervous but my teachers motivated me well and helped me to gain enough confidence.
Finally we were arranged into groups of 15 people each and we entered the GD room.
The topic given to us was “Is social media good or bad for young generation?”

We were given around 1 min to think and then the team member from the company asked us to start.
I started up well by introducing the topic and we all had a fair group discussion for around 10 mins.

The results of GD were declared immediately and I was again shortlisted.

I felt very happy after clearing 2 rounds of the drive, but was a bit nervous too as I had to face the last round which was the HR round which made me nervous.
After coming out of the GD room I started preparing for my interview (PI) round.

While the other groups were busy giving there GD.

# Finally the time came when I had to face the HR Interview round and the peon called my name.
I literally started shivering and entered the PI ROOM with nervousness.
Anyhow i managed to control myself and took GOD’s name and started up with Good afternoon sir.

There was a tall young guy professionally dressed up in suit sitting on the other side of the table.

He asked me to sit down and I slowly sat down.
Here we began with the interview. I was normal in about 5 mins and gave a good interview.

He asked me a few of the technical questions and I answered them correctly.

He began quite friendly with me after conducting 10 mins of the interview and was quite impressed as I could judge it by his facial expressions.

Finally he ended up with the interview and asked me to wait for the results with a smiling face.
I was satisfied with my performance and came out of the room. This was the whole experience. It was extremely learning and a great experience interview of my professional life

My overall strategy was to be confident and self-motivate myself whenever I felt nervous.
I tried not to show nervousness by my face that helped me to gain enough confidence.
Keeping a smiling face impress the interviewer.
The questions asked by the interviewer were answered to the point by me.

One need to follow some points.

1. Be confident
2. Self-motivate yourself
3. Stands to the point
4. Do not speak much instead listen more and more
5. Communication skills should be very good that impresses the interviewer

MIPS, Bithoor Campus Kanpur

4.00 avg. rating (81% score) - 2 votes