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Position On-Hold

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Company: Group FMG
Profile: UI Developer
Salary: INR 2,00,000 PA

Location: Chennai
Key Skills : HTML, Bootstrap, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS, PHP, Facebook
In that company nearly 50-60 students attend the interview for the position for UI Developer, I am also one of them. They contacted 4 rounds each rounds they eliminate many of them, in the round 3 they select only 8 members I am also one of them.

At the last rounds (round 4) their senior HR (he is like there CEO, I think so), He came and chat with as. At the end of the Interview they selected 6 members I am also one of them. Then they told us that the confirmation mail will send to your E-mail Id’s, and the date of joining will be mentioned on that.

But we leave that place then I check my mail there is no e mail, I wait for one day then week then month, at last I call them then ask, but they simply told me that ‘THE POSITION WAS HOLD’

My waiting and my time and other interview in companies are banned because of them, what I do now. Then at last I placed in other company.

So students do not wait any one for the results, that will spoiled your time, be careful.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes