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Placement Interview Experience at Vyshnavi Infotech

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

Company: Vyshnavi Infotech

Profile: Software Engineer

Salary: 2.75 LPA

Place: Kurnool

Number of rounds:

Result: I got selected in this company

Name: Bhavana


My placement interview experience at Vyshnavi Infotech in detail


My interview questions were a part of a written round. The written test contained quantitative aptitude, technical questions and one coding question. In my question paper, I had to solve a puzzle on stack implementation.

Next, I faced a first Technical round. In this round, I was asked many questions from Data structures. They asked me all the logic behind a Binary search tree, about merging and sorting concepts, OOPS concepts and all their applications.

In the second Technical round, I was asked only two questions. Mostly, my interviewer concentrated on the logic that had to be applied to solve a problem and steps involved in solving the same. They did not focus on the end answer.

vaishnavi infotech

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5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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