Persistent Interview Questions Faced By A Fresher

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Persistent Systems Interview Summary

Name: Syed Md. Hasnain Jah
Place: Techno India, Kolkata
Company: Persistent Systems
Position: Software Engineer
Result: I got selected in this company
Package offered: 4.41 Lakhs per annum
Rounds: 3
Date of Interview: 26/07/2019

My placement drive at Persistent India Kolkata

I attended an interview recently. It was a pool campus drive exclusively for Persistent Systems Limited and I got placed.  The drive took place at Techno India, Kolkata campus.

We were segregated into there groups based on packages offered. These categories were 4.41 LPA, 6.41 LPA, and 8.41 LPA. Most of the interview rounds followed just one online test round. The overall difficulty level was very basic. Mostly theoretical concepts were tested. All of us who appeared for this test were qualified for the next few rounds namely Coding + Interviews or just interviews, which was highly dependent on online test performances. People sitting for coding had an opportunity to get higher packages which were 6.41 LPA and 8.41 LPA and others were sitting in the interviews for the standard one which was 4.41 LPA. I was selected for the latter case which was the direct interview.

Online Test: It was a 60 minutes test consisting of 60 questions. The topics covered in the questions are:-

1) OS: Basic concepts of OS, disk scheduling, memory management etc.

2) Computer Networks: Basic concepts of UDP, TCP protocols. There was a question whether Telnet is TCP or UDP. There were questions related to DNS, private & public IP etc.

3) Software Engineering: Yes, lots of questions were from Software Engineering. There were questions on Concepts of Stubs and Drivers, Glass box testing is another name of White box or Black box testing? some questions on Boundary Value Analysis(BVA), types of testing etc.

4) Programming: There were lots of questions on OOPs with C++ and some questions on basic concepts of switch-case, continue etc. in C. One question on OOPs with C++ went like this: Are virtual constructors possible in C++? The answer is no. Another one question went like this: What happens when the ‘continue’ statement is used without any loop? The answer is a compile time error. Continue should be used inside a loop.

5) Aptitude: There were some questions on Probability, Sets, Percentage and Simple Interest. The questions were more or less easy.

Interview and induction

There was a PowerPoint presentation in which the HR from Persistent Systems showed us their vision, mission, & latest technological services.

Round 1 (Technical)

First, the 6 of us were asked to come inside and to sit in circular manner in front of the interviewer. He then asked to give him our CVs. He then began to ask everyone to get to his place and collect questions from him. Everyone was given 2 types of questions.

1) He gave a simple program to solve in 2 or 3 different ways. He wanted us to use various data structures and algorithms. He gave me a string “India is My Country” and asked to reverse the sentence. So the desired output was “Country My is India”. I solved the question in 2 approaches first but he wanted me to think about some data structures and implement them. So I implemented stack and then he asked to use pointers and I did it and he was satisfied.

2)He gave one pattern which consisted of numbers having some logical relationship. And our challenge was to find one unknown number there using the hidden logic. Everyone found it really tough and it was really hard to judge the relationship. I came up with a logic and explained to him. But he was not satisfied with that.

He checked my CV and then noticed my interest in Data Science. So I was asked about my approach on picking up more depth in Data Science. I explained about how I had completed some courses online curated by Andrew Ng and he looked impressed. He asked about my college project on Machine Learning. I didn’t have any depth on this project. So I showed him another one project instead, which I had on Movie Prediction using Python and MySQL alongside linear regression algorithms. He seemed impressed with it.

Most of us qualified and after waiting for a while, we were summoned for the next round.

Round 2 at Persistent Interview

Round 2 was a Techno-Managerial interview round. I was called inside and the interviewer was sitting with my CV. He asked me to take the sit and asked to tell about myself. I explained about myself, my career, my family background etc. Then he began to check my CV very thoroughly. It was the round where most of the questions were asked from CV. In my CV there was a project on PHP website.He asked a lot about web related questions, the 3 tier concept, and asked to write how I will connect my PHP application to database, how I will connect front end with back end, how the data from html is sent to PHP and then are stored inside MySQL database. I explained each of these things so vividly as they were very easy for me. Then he asked about my Machine Learning project on Movie Recommendation System written on my CV. I explained it. And then he asked me some conceptual questions on Java, Python and also Ajax as it was written on my CV. I explained them. Then he asked why I used Python for Machine Learning as other languages are also there.I explained about some libraries and APIs used in Python are greatly helpful for developers and also Python is so easy to write.He was satisfied with my answers. The overall interview was very nice and I answered all his questions and he was fully satisfied with me. Then he asked about any question for him and I asked about the technologies they were working on and he explained about them. Then he asked me to wait outside for the next round.

Round 3(HR round)

This was the last challenge and what you require most in this round is the confidence and eye contact with a little but continuous smile on your face. I was asked to come inside and I greeted him.Then he asked to tell about myself. I explained and then he asked what is the last movie you watched? I said it is MS Dhoni-The Untold Story as it motivates and inspires me every time.MS Dhoni is my inspiration and he is cool in difficult times. Then he asked 2 things you implement in your life from MS Dhoni. I explained the calmness of mind and all that. Then he asked about my passion and my weakness. He also offered me some coffee as it was the end of the day and I said yes. So I completed my HR round with the coffee and coffee was very nice. Lastly he asked for some questions for him and I asked about job locations and he asked about my preference. I said Hyderabad. Then he said I am putting your preferences and asked will you work in some other location like Nagpur. I said yes, it will be a new place for me and I will explore new things over there. He said it is very good. Then he shook hands with me with a good smile and said seeing you after 1 year in our office. I said surely sir and thanked him and left the room. We were asked to wait in the lounge of the college for a while to know the results. Then they called out some names including my name and asked to come on next day at 3 p.m. and it was a suspense made by them. I was not feeling good assuming there will be an another round. We came to the place again on next day at the above mentioned time. All of us who were asked to come were called with names and then they announced that we are selected for Persistent Systems Limited and congratulated us. We clapped and joy was there in everyone’s face.Then we were asked to fill up the forms of Persistent to provide our personal information and job location preferences etc. and then we were free to leave the place.

Tips: Be confident throughout the process.CV is important.Write on CV only the things you know and you are confident with. Make some good projects and brush up the basic Data structures and Algorithms, OOP, DBMS, OS and also Software Engineering. So make your basics very clear and be confident.Best of Luck.

Persistent interview questions from previous years

About Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems is a technology services company. It was incorporated in 1990 and the headquarters are located at Pune, India. As of date, they have over 10k employees.

Persistent placement paper compared to previous years

The placement paper of Persistent Systems follows a static pattern every year. This year also my paper was relatively moderate to high as far as the difficulty level was concerned. The paper comprised of two sections like all the previous years.

  • Persistent General Aptitude Questions
  • Persistent Technical Questions
    • Implement a Heap Sort algorithm with Min-Heap & Max-Heap concepts
    • What are exceptions in Java
    • What are strings in Java
    • Is MS access a relational database?
    • What are the ACID properties in database?
    • Write test cases for an ATM machine
    • How to add elements before and after in linked lists?
    • Write a program to check if a given number is prime or not
    • How will you explain the TCP/IP model to a grade 5 student

Preparing previous year interview papers of Persistent Systems will help you gain in-depth insight as well as feel confident on placement day.

💡Quick Tips: Be confident throughout the process. Your CV is important. So write it carefully and mention only those skills you are confident about. Make some good projects and do not neglect your basics of Data structures and Algorithms. Also skim through OOPs, DBMS, OS and all other Software Engineering basics which you feel would be relevant. Prepare well. All the best!


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