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Online Chat Representative Interview experience at Etech Global Services

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Company: Etech Global Services

Profile: Online Chat Representative

Salary: 20 thousand per month

Place: Kolkata

Number of rounds:4

Result: I got selected

I applied for the opening of an online chat representative at Etech Global Services via 

How was it like to get interviewed at Etech Global Services?

Essay round – Let me start from the beginning. The entire interview comprised of 4 rounds in total. The first round was an essay round in which we had to choose one topic from 5-6 options. The topic I chose was “Where do you want to see yourself after 20 years.” I had to write an essay of around 300 words. I completed the round successfully.

PI round – Then came the personal interview round in which I was asked about myself. The first question I faced was “Tell me about yourself?” The second was “What is your hobby?” The interviewer was from some other part of India. Her language skills were excellent. As first I was unable to understand what she was asking as she was speaking very fast. It was actually difficult for me to understand what she was saying but gradually, as I concentrated harder, I was able to.

I answered the first question slowly. Then I answered the second one decently, by speaking faster than her. I eventually got selected due to my verbal communication skills and soft skills.

HR round – After the PI round was over, I faced the HR round in which questions were quite similar to the ones asked before. As far as I could remember, today there were 800 candidates who applied but only 25 of us were selected and by the God’s grace, I was one of them. The HR round was very difficult as most of the candidates got eliminated here.

The first question that was asked to me was “How many years will you give in our company?”
Then the HR asked “Why do you want to join a non-technical company being a technical guy?” I answered in a way that was convincing enough. My answer was “I do agree that I am an engineer but it does not mean that the job that I am doing will be directly/indirectly related to my technical background.”

The answer that I gave sounded professional and was probably what they were looking for.

Typing test – After that we had to face a typing test which lasted for 2 minutes and I completed my task at a speed of 40WPM. The actual requirements were 35WPM, hence I got selected.

Results – After the interview, we were called to sit in a large hall where our results were announced. And I was thankful for getting selected.

Currently I am working with the same company – Etech Global Services as an Online Chat Representative for almost 1 and half years and I am very happy with the work culture.

The Interview Rounds

I faced 4 rounds in total at the Etech Global Kolkata office on my off-campus placement interview day. They were as follows:

# Aptitude test
# Group discussion
# HR round
# Typing test

What was the first question you answered?

I remember the very first question I faced was “Tell me about yourself“. They were actually trying to make me speak more and more to check my English communication skills. Then they asked me about my hobby. The third question I faced was “Why you want to work in a private company?

What was the essay round like?

They made us write an essay on a particular topic which I choose from the given 5 topics. The topic was “How do you see yourself after 20 years”. It had to comprise of 300 words. I liked writing this essay about myself and found it a pleasant experience. The purpose of this test was to check my written English and grammar usage.

How did the HR round go?

The last round in the Etech Global interview was an HR round. Most of the questions were similar to the questions asked in the beginning of the interview. The HR also took a typing test to check my typing speed which was supposed to be 35WPM. I completed the test successfully before time at an appropriate speed of 40WPM.

Crucial tips about ways to prepare for an interview at Etech
Basically, Etech Global offers Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center Services. The company also renders web chat services and tech support for US clients. Hence, possessing a good hold on English language and soft skills was supposed to be a plus point for candidates.

I would suggest candidates to brush up their English communication and grammar as much as possible before sitting for an off-campus drive at Etech.

All the best!

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