Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions for freshers

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Posted by FirstNaukri Aug 13, 2019

A right beginning is half the task! This is undoubtedly an apt statement for job seekers who are preparing for a job interview. If you are soon going to appear for your mechanical engineer job interview, ensure that you prepare some common mechanical engineering interview questions and answers.

There is no dearth of top engineering companies who hire fresher mechanical engineers, such as Tata Group, Larsen & Toubro, Ashok Leyland, NALCO, Mahindra & Mahindra, and many more. Almost every employer asks some basic mechanical engineering interview questions to gauge the strengths of a potential candidate. Therefore, the trick is to prepare some frequently asked interview questions.

To help you prepare for your mechanical engineering interview, we have divided interview questions in different categories- general interview questions for mechanical engineers, subject-related questions, problem-solving, and project-based interview questions.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers- Subject-related Questions


Subject-related questions you should prepare:

The list of subject-related interview questions for fresher mechanical engineers can be vast. However, it is suggested that you should focus more on basic as well as advanced technical interview questions for mechanical engineer interview. Recruiters may ask questions on any topics.

Here are some common topics for fresher mechanical engineers:

· Mechanics · Aerodynamics
· Fluidics · Power plant
· Thermodynamics · Heat Transfer
· Refrigeration · Manufacturing


These questions can come across to you in different formats, such as:

## Explain different types of loads.
## What is the difference between heat transfer and thermodynamics?
## Can you explain the structure of a power plant?
## Braking/Lubrication/Cooling- give a brief of different types of systems.

The best way to ace these subject-related interview questions is to go for a group study with friends. Also, prepare by taking up several mock interviews and ask each other different subject related questions for revision. The sooner you start, the better it is.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers- Problem-Solving Questions


Mechanical engineers are often asked questions related to problem-solving. The purpose of asking a few questions from this category is to get a sense of how you would approach an unusual or difficult situation in a job. Moreover, problem-solving interview questions tests your reasoning ability as well as technical knowledge for a particular situation.

Some samples of problem-solving interview questions:

## Share a situation where you managed a challenging project, starting from its planning to execution. What were the problems you faced and what resolutions you suggested to make it a success?
## How will you manage a last-minute on-site project for a key client of your company when you are already occupied with other deadlines?
## What was the most stressful situation in your life and how did you manage it?

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer for this category of interview questions. What is more important is how you approach any problem-solving situation asked by recruiters. Do not haste to come up with a random answer. The best way to answer problem-solving or situation based questions is to first understand the problem then think of a holistic way to address that problem.

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Examples of Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers- Project-based Questions

Interviewers also ask a set of questions related to your specific projects or assignments you have completed during college. The idea is to understand your exposure to different types of projects and what you accomplished.

Example: What was your first project?

Your answer for project-related questions should focus on a quick detail about the project, its design, innovation, troubleshooting and accomplishment. The recruiter wants to see your passion for the specialization you have chosen as a career.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers- General Questions

General interview questions for freshers you should prepare:

Like every job interview, fresher mechanical engineers are asked some common interview questions related to their background, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses. These questions help recruiters to understand your overall personality and how culturally fit you are for the organization.

Such common interview questions can be asked in different formats:

## Tell us about yourself
## What are your strengths?
## What are your weaknesses?
## What are your hobbies?
## Why do you want this job?

Apart from the above questions, recruiters are also interested in asking engineering freshers how much do they know about the company and its products. Since freshers do not have any work experience, the employers want to test their capabilities in understanding their company’s products, services, and business goals.

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Bonus Tips:

## Analyze your technical skills and accomplishments
## Prepare generic interview questions and answers
## Research about the company
## Know your subject matter thoroughly
## Consider your unique selling proposition
## Dress appropriately
## Maintain a good body language
## Follow interview etiquette

It may seem extremely challenging to face your first job interview; however, you can increase the chances of scoring a job with the right preparation.

All the best!


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