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Manual Tester Interview Questions Faced During HITACHI Placement Drive

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Company: Hitachi

Profile: Manual Tester / Software Tester

Salary: 5.5 Lakhs per annum

Place: Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology

Number of rounds:  4

Result: Awaited

Overall experience

My Manual Tester Interview at Hitachi was a good learning experience. I would like to share my experience and also some tips to tackle Software Testing Interview Questions asked at Hitachi placement interview. The placement drive took place in my college campus. The interview rounds I faced were simple and easy to solve. Before telling you about them, I would like you to pay heed to the easy yet critical interview questions that are unavoidable especially in the HR interview round, such as “Why are you choosing Software Testing or Software Development as your career?”

How to answer ‘why software testing’ interview question?

There is a high probability that you will face this question. You should be armed with a good answer to make sure that your interviewer gets impressed. Recall all your strengths, skills and past internship experience and only then articulate. Please do not mug up any answer on Google. It will not help. You can use the following pointers to build your answer.

## Testing is not everyone’s forte. A Software tester has to possess great analytical skills along with great communication skills to report and convince team members.
## It is not decent to comment about the salary as we are only starting now. But in the industry, experienced software and manual testers earn exactly as much as a developer, for instance – Automation Testers earn more Developers.
## Coding is a crucial part of testing. A manual tester can later enhance his/her skills and get promoted to become an Automation Tester. Such a tester has to write codes so as to automate the scripts.
## The career growth trajectory of a software manual tester is as follows:

Hitachi Placement Drive

Read ready-to-use answers for the commonly asked interview question Tell Me About Yourself.

Strategy to crack Hitachi manual tester interview

My strategy was very basic. I attempted only the questions that I was confident about. Also, while preparing, I tried and tested all my concepts. I ensured that I was thorough in basic methodologies of manual testing. Being freshers, this is more than half the work done. Also, I knew which technique or concept of testing is apt for a particular SDLC stage alongside some of the best testing practices for each stage and process.

Rounds I faced in the interview

There were individual rounds, both aptitude and technical. The syllabus covered in them was quite heavy. Some questions were tricky while others were not. Yet, it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my entire career and academic life combined!

What were the questions asked in the aptitude round of your Interview?

The very first aptitude round was super easy, but the second round was slightly tough. Too many concepts were covered. In order to tackle these rounds well, solve all the exercises in R S Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude Book, before your Hitachi Manual Tester placement interview. In round 1, there were 110 technical and aptitude questions. On the basis of our results, we got shortlisted for the second round. I chose to answer questions that I was aware of. Later, I had to do some guess work as the remaining questions required very little knowledge.

Note: There was negative marking, so I had to be very careful while marking my answers. I would not recommend guess work at all. That’s why I only answered the questions I felt confident about.

Have faith in yourself and in your abilities. Develop razor sharp focus and you will surely be able to crack this manual tester interview at Hitachi.

All the best!


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