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Making Your Fresher Resume Stand Out: Tips and Strategies

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Posted by admin Jan 31, 2023

In this competitive world we live in, a well-crafted resume tailored for the job you are looking for can help you make the cut. Employers get to judge you in a matter of a few seconds, and a professionally written resume that succinctly presents all your experiences and qualifications is a significant tool to ensure you get the job.

Right resume = Game changer

How to make my resume stronger?

if this question has ever crossed your mind, this article is for you. Read on to learn about some tips that will help you sail through the process with ease.

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  • Matching your skills to the job description
  • Relevant experiences
  • Keeping your resume concise and easy to read
  • Adding a resume summary statement
  • Free Online resume builder
  • Sample Fresher Resume
  • Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Matching your skills to the job description

The key is to stay relevant and original; recognize the demands set by the employer and try to make it obvious in the resume that you meet all the demands and hence, are a good fit for the job. Identify the keywords and skills for resume in the job description and incorporate them into the resume. Highlight the relevant experience and achievements, if any, that might interest the employer. This will help your resume get noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers. Always remember not to go overboard; be short and crisp.

2.  Relevant Experiences

Highlight your most recent and relevant experience. As a fresher, your most recent experience is likely your education, so make sure to list your college or university and your major and minor subjects. You can also include any internships or co-op programmes you’ve completed, as well as any relevant coursework or projects.

If you have some skills that are highly in demand in your field, consider getting certified in those skills. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you have a high level of expertise in those areas.

3.  Keeping your resume concise and easy to read

Use clear and simple language, and make sure the layout is clean and easy on the eyes. Avoid using overly complex words or phrases, and stick to bullet points instead of paragraphs. This will make your resume more readable and will make it easier for potential employers to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Bonus Tip: Use a consistent font, style, and layout. Ensure that there are no grammar mistakes.

4. Adding a resume summary statement

Consider adding a personal statement or summary at the top of your resume. This is an opportunity to showcase your unique skills, qualifications, and interests, and to make a strong first impression on potential employers.

5. Free online resume builder

Many resume templates are available online for free and can help you create a polished and professional-looking document. offers a free online resume builder for freshers that will help you to build resume online to catch the immediate attention of recruiters. You can pick a template of your choice, give the details and then download the resume for free. This will help you avoid any confusion regarding what to and what not to add in your resume.


As a fresher, it may be challenging to make your resume stand out, but by tailoring it to the specific job and industry, highlighting your most recent and relevant experience, listing your key skills for resume, and using strong action verbs, you will be able to increase your chances of getting hired. Use a professional-looking font, be error-free, and build a resume that adequately reflects who you are as a professional and as a person.

Fresher Resume Sample Below

Aman Gupta


Recent engineering graduate with a strong academic background in mechanical engineering and a passion for problem-solving and innovation. Skilled in 3D modeling, simulation, and data analysis, with experience in product design and development. Strong communication and teamwork abilities, with a proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver successful projects.


Current Location: Delhi

Home Town        : Jaipur

Date of Birth       : 23/04/1999

Gender               : Male


Graduation          : BTech in Mechanical Engineering

                              PSNE College of Engineering, Jaipur

                              Graduated in 2022 with score of 87%

                              Achievement: Top 3 in class

Class XII               : CBSE

                               With 95% Distinction in 2018

                               School Topper

Class X                 : CBSE

                               With 92% Distinction in 2016


Student Research Assistant (2020-2021)

NV Automobile Research Institute, Jabalpur


AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MS Project, MATLAB, MS Excel


ABC Seminar on Renewable Energy, XYZ College of Engineering (2020)


Six Sigma Green Belt

AutoCAD certified


Participated in various Technology Events in Intra-Campus Tech Fest, 2019

Volunteered for Auto Fest and workshops

LANGUAGES KNOWN English, Spanish, German

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I include in a fresher resume?

As a fresher, your most recent experience is likely your education, so make sure to list your college or university and your major and minor subjects. You can also include any internships or co-op programs you’ve completed, as well as any relevant coursework or projects. You should also include any relevant skills or certifications and any volunteer work or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your qualifications and interests.

How often should I update my fresher resume?

It’s a good idea to update your fresher resume regularly, especially if you are applying for jobs in a fast-paced industry or if you are looking to change careers. This will help you stay current and ensure that your resume is up-to-date with your latest qualifications and experience.

Should I include my hobbies and interests on my fresher resume?

Including hobbies and interests on your fresher resume is optional. However, if you have hobbies or interests that are relevant to the job or industry you are applying for, it can be a good idea to include them. This can help you stand out from other candidates and demonstrate that you have a well-rounded personality.


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