Major CV Bloopers You Should Stop Making Now!

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 17, 2020

It is always easier to commit mistakes in your resume and get into a difficult situation where it is impossible to correct the damage once it reaches the employer. Therefore, it becomes imperative to be caution while drafting a resume. Whether you are looking for your first job or modifying your resume for a job change, you can face a setback if you are not careful with this important document, which is surely your first interaction with any recruiter.

There are several things that can go wrong with your resume – some of them will appear so small that you will overlook them and some that will be bold and underlined but still left uncorrected.

For a company that gets thousands of resumes in a day, even a single mistake will drag you right out of the potential candidate list. To save yourself from not getting into a job that your skills deserve, here are the top CV writing mistakes that you should pay an extra attention to before hitting the send button.

  1. Grammatical errors and Typos

Every resume as a prerequisite needs to be perfectly grammar proof. If by chance you leave this crucial part out, be prepared for the employers to detect hidden meaning and make on a whim conclusions about your application such as if he/she cannot write then probably he/she does not care about the job, at all.

  1. Lack of particulars

Businesses demand to know what you have actually done on the professional front and accomplished. So in addition to listing down your job roles, add in what you were actually able to achieve and what quantitative contributions you made in your last job role. When talking about your job details, explain your contributions in number and if you are in a job role that cannot be quantified, mention in the parts of your job role where you learned something new.

  1. Following the ‘One–resume–fits–all-jobs’ method

Restrict yourself from making a common resume for every job you are applying in. Employers wish to see a resume that has been drafted specially according to their demanded job description. In every application that a business receives, they expect to see how it fits perfectly with their business or its way of operation.

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  1. Going too long or leaving things out too short

There is no set guideline or rule that governs the length of a resume. You customarily need to bind yourself just to a limit of two sheets. But at the same time, do not utilize two sheets if only one will be enough. Contrariwise, do not bite out the essence out of the resume simply to conform to a capricious one-page rule.

  1. An unclear objective

It’s high time you realize that everybody wants to excel in their career and looks for a supportive and open to learning environment. Hence, stop putting it on as an objective. Provide employers something unambiguous and more prominently, something, which should focus on their exact needs as nicely as their own.

  1. Missing out on important information

Do not miss out on mentioning your hobbies or your old accomplishments even if they are not related to the job. Show the things in which you are good in bold. But if they show your best qualities and how dedicated or patient you are as a person, put them on the resume.

  1. Shying away from taking a professional help

When it comes to your career progression, never hesitate to take a professional help. It will eventually help you to create a winning resume and score a desired job. offers a free resume builder tool that helps you create a professional resume in seconds. Try it now.

While this is just an intensive list, there is a lot of scope of making mistakes while drafting a resume. So beware of the possible mistakes that you think can occur and put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes while editing to make it easy to relate with them.


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