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Maintenance Engineer – Reliance Industries Limited

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Company: Reliance Industries
Profile: Maintenance Engineer
Salary: Rs.3,00,000

When I went for interview I didn’t know what will happen but I was prepared for interview in which google and helped me to just realize the thinking of interviewer. And when we went for interview I was first one called for the interview. So I just thought to not lose my confidence.

In first round, Engineering Head, Production Head, Mechanical Head and HR member were present for my interview. First of all they asked me the meaning of my name (Udyan) which people generally asked. so I tell them and I tried to control my nervousness and I succeed because I didn’t know anyone of them so I think they are nothing and I just give my answers and try to satisfied them. This thinking helped me to go in comfort zone and I gave all answers very confidently and for those I don’t know, I just said sorry.

Key Skills Tested: AutoCAD and MS Office

In second round there was Site President for interview. My strategy were same as first round- “Answer with Full confidence”. I think it doesn’t matter how much you know, if you are a fresher you must be have full of confidence.

Round three was written exam which was called Mental Ability Test. At this point your IQ held you. If your IQ is good you will succeed because questions will be simple but time is less.

We don’t know about our future, we can’t predict what interviewer will ask. So, it doesn’t matter that how worst conditions are, you must not lose your confidence.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes